Cloak is BROKEN


So cloak only works once a battle now if u manage to use it a second time it has no effect
Is this a bug or intentional?


Not broken, it’s just the terrible way the game displays what’s happening. When you have low health and the game determines you didn’t dodge it wont bother showing the effect.


I just got a chance to use Cloak twice during my most recent battle (few minutes ago). Works fine
First was against a monolophosaurus - 1st attack miss, 2nd attack miss as well
Then, weirdly opponent put out T rex which was slower than indominus. 2HKO it while it landed 1 hit on my indominus.
Next, pyroraptor is out, I got to cloak again, 1st hit by the pyroraptor MISSed, but sadly 2nd hit killed my indominus.
Brought out my Vraptor to clear the match


So it is still working just a visual bug?


cloak works. there is a visual bug related to any and all buffs/debuffs that if the target will die the turn it is applied it doesnt show. this is for attack/crit/shield/cloak/pounce/distracting etc. the game knows the outcome as soon as the moves are selected, its just running an animation for us to watch. im guessing there is an incorrect/misplaced conditional that tells the game not to display buffs on dead targets and since it knows its going to die (dead since its been determined already) it just doesnt display.


if you got his without cloak showing you simply died. you also didnt attack so not sure how you can say normal damage therefore you are simply a liar and troll at this point.


Just fought an Indoraptor, cloak worked two times after switching, for the Indominus the second times after switching, it fail or if you have a bad luck, you can fail the first cloak!