Cloak is not the problem

With the upcoming changes to cloak, it got me thinking. Ludia seems to be confused as to why

as @Jorge put it.

Is it not obvious?

People have spend too much time and resources developing their teams to just switch them up like that. Take a quick look at the end game dinos (the Tyrants and High Apexs) and how many hit against cloak? 4? And two of those only on the counter-attack.

The reason people aren’t suddenly jumbling their teams around is because of resources. Same as it has always been. How long would it take me to get an Erlikospyx-type creature up to team level? Something with an arena-only component is going to take MONTHS of dedicated battle. And no, alliances don’t help because everyone (rightfully) wants their own Erlikospyx.

And what now compounds the issue but BOOSTS

I can’t transfer boosts so let’s say I stop spending them on anything else, and put all that I can into my project dino. So now my competition is getting stronger (putting their boosts towards their active squad) while mine stagnates. Means more lost matches means less incubators means less DNA. So now I’m losing trophies, losing ranking, losing incubators all IN THE HOPES that in 6 months or so, it’s all worth it.

Sorry, but I’m going to stick with the 8 dinos I’ve put my boosts into because I’m a competitive guy and I want to do well. I’d LOVE to put a new shiny on the team but until I can bridge the gap (by transferring boosts) it makes zero sense to do so. I’ll take my Monostego and Diorajasaur and be just fine losing a couple per day to RNG over a few lucky dodges. And who knows, maybe a few of the new ones WOULD be better on my team in the long run but I’m not going to take those odds.

If Ludia truly wants a higher adoption rate on cloak-defeating dinos, they need to either:
Give them to more of the end game creatures, let us transfer boosts between creatures, or make them more abundant/easier to obtain. (I’d throw in get rid of them altogether, but let’s not kid ourselves)

I realize there are quite a few things that would need to change to accommodate either of these options but don’t expect people to over-level and waste boosts on a Spinonyx or a Smilodon to make them playable on their team. Most people just aren’t going to do it, they’ll wait and wait until they finally unlock a proven Tyrant and then boost 'em like there’s no tomorrow.

At least that’s what I’d do.


Very true about needing to get them up to team level, for me its not really an issue since I don’t really care about trophies anyway so if I want to play with something I just add it to my team and give it a go, but I understand that may not be an option for the competitive type players!

However I cant see a clear way to get around this problem.

Then again this is marathon type game, not a sprint so…

Edit: Keep in mind that these type of games are designed to keep players playing as long as possible, so I can see why its setup that way.
But slowly levelling up that new hybrid to use in a few weeks or months might be the point, since if it was instantly able to be used, where is the satisfaction of earning it?

When I finally unlocked Erlidom (I missed the St Patricks thing) I actually got excited and did this little Toyota style “Oh what a feeling” jump in the middle of the street haha!

Oh for sure, don’t get me wrong; I’m still gonna have the “project dinos” that are waiting in the wings. But, until I get them to lvl 26-30 AND have a bunch of extra boosts lying around :roll_eyes: they don’t have much of a chance.

To me, it just sounded like Ludia saying “hey, we gave you all these cool cloak-counter moves in 1.7, why isn’t everyone using them??” To which I say; give me a year and we’ll see! It’s taken me since the beginning to build my team of 28-30’s, so yeah; it’s gonna take a while. But, I’ll join you in the Toyota dance once/if I ever unlock Gemititan. :wink:

I realize not everyone is at that point; but I’d hope most people aren’t just throwing boosts around willy-nilly either. I get that using boosts on low-mid game dinos only helps Ludia’s bottom line, but I think most people see that clearly that is not a wise investment in the long run.


Transfer boots?!
Oh yeah, become more difficult to trace the exploiters (believe or not, they’re still there)

Between dinos, not players. Perhaps I should have said re-apply.

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Reallocate perhaps?

Sure, all for a nominal fee I’m sure! :rofl:

As you say it isn’t that players don’t want to use them but that they don’t appear often enough to be able to level them high enough to be worthwhile.

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Removing dodge from the game is so unnecessary. I have no issue with opponents dodgers, just use null and kill them, it’s really not that hard.


Totally agree with you! Ludia said: We gave you nullify and precise, but nobody is using them. Why, because dodge or cloak was NEVER a problem!!! Nullify has been there since the beginning and available in some great dinos. So, what do we use now to fight a fully boosted Thor or Tryko? Tanks will last 2 turns, and bleeder may even be one shotted.


Yeah, I find it a little bit funny how people who are using thor are saying just use counters, but they themselves can’t use counters for dodgers…


yeap, between Dinos, not players.
I didn’t misunderstand.

I was saying this (less articulately) today. Well said.

you are kidding right about dodge not being a problem?

i like the change, makes the game less rng dependent. if it was just an excuse for them to do this then so beit…

theres no easy way to use these new creatures unless you save boosts and manage to get by without them… because if not… it will take you till next patch to even get it team level then new ones come out again lol. but honestly, nowadays you have to think long term dino so if you are going to add something then you better make sure its what you want and are going to stick with… oh and try to avoid the nerfs while you are at it too lol. there definitely should be something done though to allow allocation of boosts. ludia will have to make money somehow though… to reverse the process.

like 1000 cash to completely remove boosts from one dino.

Yes, dodge has never been a problem, just use nullifiers. Thor has been an issue, because you can’t nullify its crit rate, sure you can instant distract it, but it’ll kill you next turn. It’s so ridiculous how people who don’t have thor or don’t want to use it are told to use counters, but people who don’t use dodgers complain and they remove dodge. It’s so easy to kill a creature that has dodge.


yeah but when the dodgers are quicker its not so ez to just swap in a nullyfying dino. and when you dont draw any then goodluck. sometimes you cant avoid those 6 dodges in a row…

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If you don’t want to swap then just keep hitting it, dodge is only 50%, if we are talking about indo you can just give it bleed too, super easy. If I need to have more than one counter for thor then surely you can have more than one counter for things that use dodge.


you talk like you have a team of 20 bro lol it dont work like that.

keep hitting it six times then die lol.

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actually now i might rethink adding indo back to my team. i can use it as sort of a distracting dino if the dodge is more then 50% and it has more damage now.

Yes you die and now you can use your nullifier to kill it. I’m battling lvl25-28 indos, which are no problem for me.
What do you mean more than 50%?