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Cloak is ruined

Cloak is not good any more at higher lvl. Almost any legendary can remove it. I just hate the way they ruined it. A good feature that has become a big fail.


I have to agree. There are too many dedicated anti-dodge creatures now. :pensive:


I’ve always found it odd that in spite of it being such a rare ability, there’s so many creatures, even Commons that have the ability to nullify it specifically.

Surely it would make more sense to have them remove the evasion part of cloak specifically, and not the damage buff. That’s for Nullifying moves to remove, maybe even Cunning ones.


They have spammed every creature with resilient strike and dodgers are basically useless now…


I totally agree

I’m fine with that. Finally a tank meta after almost 2 years of tanks being useless.

And btw, 17 of 42 legendaries can remove Cloak. Less than half. And that doesn’t mean that Indom is useless against them. He can shatter shields with DSS and then strike with 3000 APR. Geez, just use different abilities than Cloak if your opponent can remove it

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I Don’t talk about indominus
I talk about erlidominus. Also the common use of legendary is maxima,diorja,tryko.

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This is a silly argument to make. Pretty much any dino above library will kill Indom before he gets a 2nd atk. Several dinosaurs were well balanced because of how cloak worked and now are not, Erl should at least gain 100% spd reduction resistance as it has classically been balanced and is hard to make and level and is now practically a liability

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Library is pretty much not a place for legendary dinos like Indom

As for Erlidom, I agree he needs immunity to decel back

Are you new to the game? Tanks have been the best class since boosts 2.0.


The top 4 dinos in the game last patch were tanks. Wdym?

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Stegod? Tragod? Rajakylo? Ankyntro? Gigaspik? Nodopato? Alankylo? Yeah, they were very viable indeed.

The ones that you probably mean are no tanks. Maxima, Tryko, old Gemini and old Lania were a mix of chomper and tank. True unique tanks before 2.0 were Nemys and Dio. Dio was the only useful one tbh

If it has high health meant to take lots of damage, it’s a tank. You can disagree, but that doesn’t change that they are objectively tanks.

Max, Tryko, Lania, Dio, Gem, Grypoly, all top tier.


A tank is bulky but has pretty low damage output. Those don’t fit this definition. They are/were mix of resilient and fierce, not only resilient

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Except of course Grypo and Dio

You know what’s funny. Indoms are still viable if you boost it faster than all the decelerators cuz it cant be decelerated and there is a chance they dont go for resilient. My indom has 127 speed and is still killing everything.

You made that definition up yourself. The requirements for being a tank are health damage absorption abilities. That’s all.


The definition of a tank really is subjective. For me it means 4500 or more HP, and some semblance of Armour.

As for the topic, it really just goes to show that Ludia cant have one update where the arena is balanced. The distribution of the new moves are very uneven, matchmaking is still as garbage as ever, and 2 dinos rule the arenas with an iron fist.

No, roles of JWA creatures can be seen in normal dinosaurs. There are three main roles:

  • Resilient (tank). High HP, low damage, most of time armor. Made to counter speedsters so able to negate dodge and distraction. An perfect example is Anky
  • Cunning (speedster). Low HP, high speed, high damage. Made to counter chompers so able to distract or/and dodge. An perfect example is Haast Eagle
  • Fierce (chomper). Medium HP, low speed, extremely high damage. Made to counter tanks so can cleanse vulnerability, and negate shields and armor. An perfect example is Rex

Do not argue about that. Now, most of time hybrids are made of different roles of dinos, so they become a mix. Tryko is a mix of chomper and tank, not tank.
However, sometimes hybrids are made of dinos of the same role. Stegod is made of three tanks and is a pure tank, fitting the definition.
And such tanks were useless before, that’s my point

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They acted as tanks in the game. They absorbed high amounts of damage, and dealt damage back, and that trumps any of these semantics. They were objectively tanks.