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Cloak nerf?

According to the patch notes, Revenge Cloak only activates Evasion for 1 turn! This means if your oppponent is faster, you’re going to take guaranteed damage!

Man, I might have to drop Erlidominus from my team, seeing as I’m unboosted.


Where did you read that?
The difference is, Reveng CLOAK will deal Triple damage and the cooldown will be one instead of three.


Yes it actually buff


It’s in the description of Revenge Cloak. It says that there’s a 75% chance to dodge 67% of incoming damage for only one turn.
Currently the evasion lasts until the user uses a move or swaps, but after the update it will only last for 1 turn.

That’ll be a big nerf to Indominus rex, and if your Erlidominus is slower than your opponent (which it could be because it can be Decelerated now) then you’re toast.

It like balance because if it revenge
But for normal is nerf

Yeah I think cloak actually got worse. Revenge cloak is cool but the whole idea of revenge moves is to revenge kill. Hardly anything could survive a cloak rampage before this patch, so adding 3x damage just seems overkill to me. 6x damage is gonna kill pretty much anything regardless of how much health it has. Plus SO MANY anti-dodge moves got added and spread

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But the ones that could were important. Smilonemys, Diorajasaur and Trykosaurus. Now we have Mammolania too, which can take a Cloaked Rampage like it’s nothing.

Dio: za warudo toki wo tomare!!!

By that I meant without shields or anything. Smilonemys could and lots of Trykos could too

On equal grounds, Tryko, Smilon, Dio, Maxima and Lania can all survive a Cloaked Rampage without any shields. Then there’s the returning creatures which will probably become relevant in this update, like Stegodeus and the other tanks. The number of relevant creatures that can survive a Cloaked Rampage is higher now than ever before.

Which is one of the reasons why I think the sheer number of Anti-evasion and anti-cloak creatures now is absurd. At least, it seems that way upon first glance.

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Cloak isn’t nerfed. A cloaked Lvl 29 Unboosted Erlidom can deal 10k damage using Revenge Cloak.

It wasn’t nerfed, that was a misunderstanding. They just changed the way evasion and shields count turns. It’s for the same reason that Instant Invincibility lasts for 2 turns now.

It wasnt nerfed but they might aswell have, the amount of creatures who can now remove dodge and clock has made it utterly ridiculous