Cloaking dinosaurs

I just completed 10 battles and both of my cloaking dinosaurs…indoraptor and erlidominus used cloaking abilities…12 out of 12 attacks made it through when my opponents cloaking abilities work almost 100% of the time. Under the abilities it states has a 50 % chances of success.This is a 100 % cloak failure. This happens quite frequently and to be blunt…its getting really old. I have been playing this game from the start. I am a paying player. ( monthly VIP, and incubator purchases)
It get really old for this to happen so frequently. My player is max lv 20 and my team of dinosaurs average lv 24. I either get beat by players that have a team 2 or three levels higher then mine plus boosted at least 2 times more than my team. Or my team’s abilities not working on the average as they should. This is unacceptable R.N.G. someone’s algorithms are way off. This issue really needs to be addressed and a remedy put in place

Thank you


Swap out those cloakers, or stop relying on it. They have attacks too :smirk:

How very helpful.

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Cloak was changed in the update so it does not avoid 100% damage even when it does work now. I think its like 66%. So even when it DOES work you still take damage. As a result it probably feels like its failing you 100% of the time now since you take damage no matter what.

You miss the point.i did not spend all that time and money for these dinosaurs not to work as intended.

Then why is it my opponents are receiving zero damage when I hit them??

Zero damage? That shouldn’t be possible now

Yes I just read that under all the cloaking dinosaurs abilities 50% chance to dodge 66% of the attack. That is crap!! Spend all that time and effort getting these dinosaurs leveling them up and boosting them just to have them change their abilities? That’s like buying a new car with a big v8 and after 2 years have the dealer tell you to bring the car back in and they swap out the v8 for a 4 cylinder…

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Yep zero damage…I’ll try an uninstall and reinstall see if that helps.

The dodge mechanic IS working as intended since patch 1.8 came out. It was changed so that when you dodge you take 66% less damage instead of taking no damage.

This was done to prevent dinosaurs dodging 6 or more times in a row and being unkillable when you didnt have your nullify dinosaur drawn.

Good change and more balanced. The less RNG determined wins the better.

Edit: Also dinosaurs change from patch to patch sometimes. Monomimus was once godly, now not so much! Same with Stegodeus. We just need to adapt and not over invest in a single dinosaur in terms of boosts.

No dinosaur should have even been allowed to possibly go 6+ rounds in a row without taking any damage, it swings a match way too much in their favour!


I dont think you fully understand what balance is, balance is being able to beat someone with them having the same chances in beating you too. Now in evasive-related mechanics, both you and your opponent have 50% chance to dodge. Not just you, or just your opponent, but both of you. Now I dont know why you’re still salty that you lose battles being outplayed by dodge tactics, when YOU also have won from those said tactics. While you may not rely on them, you and your opponent still have 50% chance to dodge or not. But now because of all the complaints of being rubbish at countering these evasive-dependent dinos, we have gotten one same big fat nerf on ALL evasive-related mechanics. Just putting this out there, RNG is not prejudice/biased in any way, everyone has the exact same percentage of dodging or for that specific RNG mechanic to work, just like dinosaurs, they dont choose who they eat, they just eat people because they’re hungry, and not because they’re biased.


And what if you are the only player in the match with a dodger? then only the dodger gets that advantage.
Or what if the game doesn’t select your nullify Dino and thus have no way of hitting the dodger?

You are confusing odds and percentages with fairness.

If you are in a fight with someone and they pull a weapon and you don’t have a weapon thats still unfair, despite the fact that its possible for you to have had a weapon, but didnt.

Also please refrain from saying someone is outplayed when you dodge 80 times in a match. You did NOT out play them, you got LUCKY. You aren’t sitting there telling your Dino to dodge left, and dodge right. Its all auto!

If anything the RNG outplayed the opponents not you!

People in this game tend to use every tyrant known to man, and while thats not necessarily a bad thing (except rat and unstoppable thor), most of those creatures dont have ways to handle the dodge, and rather they include something like Monostego or Procerathom (whether they think its too weak or they have invested too much into their main ones), people start complaining about it. Its honestly their own fault for not including nullifiers (or if the game doesnt pick them, thats different). Precise and definite are more understandable, as not many actually good creatures have those kinds of moves, and the ones that do (dioraja, erlikospyx, purutaurus) either:

Dio: counter attack exclusive

Erlikospyx: pain in the rear to make because of bary gen 2

Purutaurus: base damage is rather lackluster without the counter

What happens when you have 4 nullify dinosaurs on your team but RNG gives you none of them, and the dodger dodges everything and therefore cant kill them?
How does one out skill that dodging?

Just updated the post to include that, mate

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Just seen that, thanks :slight_smile:

I can play this game too.
What if you get ALL your Nullifiers and they get 0 Dodgers? :clown_face:

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Thats why its called 50% not 80%, and if you get beaten by it, accept it and learn to move on. Its a game not something you have to take seriously. I mean come on, I dont think the devs are even giving much thought on what happens in the game, hence the: smilo hybrid design, draco hybrid having SIA DSR, etc…

I honestly think they didnt think rat through at all, even when they nerfed it this patch. While tanks could stop it, we cant use them because of tryko and thor ruling the arena right now.

At least the smilo hybrid is probably the only thing that can truly hard counter it in the current meta since it has swap in stun and enough damage to one shot it

Then your team balance has badly suffered because you had to go too heavily into nullify dinosaurs just to have a chance of winning.

And if you don’t get your dodger then those nullify dinosaurs feature isn’t doing anything anyway, don’t really see how thats compared.

Its like having an umbrella in a sunny day, still useless.

And in the case of not having any dodgers selected you simply play as normal and use strategy to try and win, thats actually the type of match you want, you don’t wanna be relying on RNG for wins, just outplay the opponent!

Edit: If you cannot win without relying on dodge that just means you need to get better at the game, simple.