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Cloaking Issue

On the epic incubator, I battle twice. Both times, the Deinocherius bypass on the rampage. This happens all the time with dinosaurs that only have a 25% chance to bypass. It is unfair and it happens with deinocherius, allosino, thor, indoraptor, indo g2’s rampage, other indoms, erlidom. It is a major issue. Ludia, make up your mind whether the cloak has a 25% chance to dodge or a 75%.


You just got unlucky. The chances of dying in a car crash are probably not very high, but tell that to car crash victims.


okay. Thanks.

I had exactly the same thing today. It was like the AI dinosaurs were all precise. Not nice but that was the RNG.

I had that as well, but in arena, the first attack just hits clean thru my cloaked erli. Just putting it down to bad rng, coz there is no other way to explain it.

Just tried again and this time it worked fine, so definitely bad luck.