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I’m making this post because I’m curious to hear your opinions and experiences. Now before I continue, I’d like to point out the fact that I have indeed read the details regarding the ability (evasive stance/dodge included). I’m only saying that because I know some people are probably going to comment that I need to read it, or post the description below. I understand there is a 25% chance of being hit LOL.

I’ve been playing a lot of matches lately, and I’ve noticed my cloaking/evasive ability on both of my Indominuses, my Indoraptor, and my Procerathomimus have been lacking terribly. I mean, terribly. Maybe it’s an unlucky draw, but they don’t hold up anymore like they used to. Dinosaurs that don’t even have nullifying impact or a nullifying positive effect strike are blowing through like it’s nothing. Even a normal rampage smacks my dinosaur so hard. It doesn’t necessarily annoy me, but when it happens consecutively, it defeats the purpose of even selecting the ability at all. All I can say is that when I began playing this game in October, my cloak worked perfectly and precisely the way it should. Has anyone noticed a difference in this ability? Has Ludia changed something about it that I’m not aware of? Is anyone else experiencing this?

I faced an Erlidominus that wiped out my legendary Indominus, Indoraptor g2, and my Yoshi. God bless that dinosaur because I’m so eager to make her and I’m so close, but at the end of the match I was like:


Thanks Guys! :smiley:

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Mine seems to always fail against a thor rampage. goes right through. other than that, i haven’t noticed anything unusual.

And erlidom is wonderful. Love it when her cloaked rampage breaks through another evasive creatures dodge.


Not going to lie, it’s one of the reasons I want to make her :laughing:
Adjacent to that, I love the way the dinosaur is built alongside her abilities.

I can’t say I face too many Thor’s but I’m only in the beginning of Aviary and struggling to move among the ranks. I will say Thor is one of the dinosaurs I haven’t had much of a problem with.

4800ish in aviary here. thors are getting kinda ridiculous. 133+ on speed and a lot of damage. Tho easily countered, i don’t have much boosted that can deal with them easily yet.

Good luck making erlidom. she will serve you well.

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There is times that my dinos can’t dodge 90% of the hits and I’m saying that bc i have actually experince a terrible luck. I played 12 battles and i used evasive and cloak to all of them and get hit every single time except for 2 or3. But other days my luck is crazy good and my dinos dodge every single hit. So it’s basically bad rng.

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You’re probably just getting really unlucky. From my own experience, my Erlidominus’ cloak is working flawlessly.

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In normal Arena battle it works fine. Its the strike towers where it seems to be ignored entirely ( not counting the sheer number of anti dodge creatures in strike towers lately). It does feel like they don’t want you dodging in strike tower battles. :cry:

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No, there’s 100% chance of being hit.
There’s a 25% of taking the entire damage.


I think we tend to focus on the times cloak doesn’t work and we don’t in the times it does work because it’s expected, and when you have 3 dinos who depend on cloak or evasive the feeling multiples by 3 I guess.
Some time when the game puts you in a bad luck streak it will fail every time ,I have been there, but then things improve

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And that’s something I’ve noticed too. I really think it’s luck of the draw because I’ve played a few matches and it seems to work the way it should.

Yes! That’s one thing I’ve noticed too! When I play strike towers, there is without a doubt it goes through my abilities 95% of the time. I’ll be honest when I say I believe the game does it on purpose.

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