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I just tried the third and final battle of amphibians assault. Their dinos were way stronger than mine so I used a survival mod on my first two dinos and a clone mod on my last dinosaur. Came down to each of our last dinos. Theirs had a steal mod and mine had a clone mod. The steal mod took affect but when the clone mod transferred it did NOT take affect on their dino. I was counting on it cloning my dino and dropping its HP and attack dramatically. Because it didn’t take affect, my last attack came up short. Am I right in thinking the clone mod should have taken affect?

I think the last update changed how the steal mod works. I encountered this very same problem last week.

I think the steal mod has been changed so that the dino only steals the mod, but does not actually use the mod that it stole. Rubbish.

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Same with the Beserk? So that last update did change some MOD behavior, and I think I misunderstood what another player was describing about Beserk, coz my memory probably was of how it was prior to that update. I’ve deliberately set Beserk to face Steal in hope that opponent health drops. Happened today or yesterday in one of my modded PvEs, and stolen Beserk didn’t affect dino who stole it.

Stolen mods do not get used by the dino who stole it anymore :frowning:
That totally stinks too because i would always put a clone on my level 1 diplocaulus so that when it got stolen, the level 73 rajastega would be a moot dino :laughing:

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Does that apply when I use a steal Mod or just my opponent?

What’s the diff then between Steal and Nullify? That your dino remains naked even if you defeat the thief?

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Exactly what I was thinking…

I thought I remember a post somewhere that said Ludia’s was looking into this, @Ned can you confirm this is not working as intended and that at some point in the future this will get fixed?

I saw this in my last battle and choose to do the distraction and Terrify x 2 set up as I didn’t want to count on the steal MOD working properly.

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Our team is looking into it, @Sionsith. :slight_smile:

Clone Mod… Often imitated, never duplicated.

I’ve found that the best way to avoid issues with the Mods is to avoid the Mods altogether.

Good luck with your issue though, OP.


Mods stolen by Steal are once again useable by the thief creature


Supposed to be usable, and some are still, but a lot are not working once stolen, for the opponent or player in my experience at least.

I had my Piercing Bite stolen and used against me tonight. First time in awhile