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Closed 5/4 Alliance looking for active battlers update 10/26 1 spot

We need 1 new active battler! .

The Raptor Brotherhood is looking for a very active members. We are a 5/4 alliance striving to be 5/5. You must be an active battler. No casual members!

You must use discord daily.
You must be able to read and understand english.
You must be at least level 13+ & 3000 trophies to join.

Find me on discord Rachelodon#3917

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3 spots open

Hi Rachel, if there’s still places, I would like to join your crew. I send you a friend request on discord on the name of Hans
Thank you

Hey sent you a message!

2 spots left!!!

I am very Active Lv. 20 range 5200-5500 trophy count would like to join?

I send you a request on Discord and applied for the alliance

Just cleaned up some zero trophies. 3 spots open.

Ide love to check y’all out!

To be honest idk how to use discord lol. I tried to message you but got rejected. I’m CREX#0766 on there and piercenjames on JW Alive. I’d really like to be in a good alliance, I’ve never gotten above rank 2 incubators and I lead every category. I’m level 18 with 4300 trophies just trying to join other active players and work together! I requested to join on the game

One spot opened.

2 spots opened

We also have a level 14 sanctuary. We hope to have a level 20 by next month.

Bumping this thread.

One spot open!

2 spots open!

Hey Rachel, me and my brother would like to join your alliance. We both sent you a friend request on discord as AJ and Archangel333. I appreciate the consideration.

One spot open.

Hola estoy buscando una alianza, soy activo y cumplo las tareas diarias

Translated from Spanish

Hello, I am looking for an alliance, I am active and I fulfill the daily tasks

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.