Clothing purchases

I like going through these stories and I have purchased gems. Based on this experience please take my criticisms as constructive because I want to improve the game.

Requiring VIP to buy clothing is ridiculous. We have either earned it paid cash for our gems. Forcing us to pay a subscription to spend gems we pay for is ridiculous.

I would like to get some of the pride merch but I will not be handing you money for the privilege of buying things with money I’ve already given you.

Please fix this immediately and allow anyone with the gems to buy clothing.

VIP is seriously lacking in benefits. If they offered more benefits, more people would probably be willing to subscribe. I also think it’s kinda ridiculous that one of the benefits is special offers on gems

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Agreed, that is ridiculous. I made this topic specific to clothing because just don’t understand why you have to pay money to spend gems purchased with money. It’s insulting and makes no sense.

Is there a way to escalate this issue? Ludia seems not to care about this. I would like to get some of the cool Pride gear using gems I have paid for but it looks like I have to pay for the right to pay with gems.


Talk about not being inclusive which is the point of Pride.