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Cloudjumper event to hard

I have tired two times to beat these dragons I am higher and I still loose what the heck. The toothless event was much easer this makes no sense.

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You don’t have a healbot, which makes anything past wave 1 harder instead of easier. And if you don’t have Brute-Wurst, then it can’t really be helped. I’d recommend sniping out Muck&Tumbles one by one. Fog-stalkers are sick snipers, but without AoE healing - you can’t deal with AoE damage. Besides, once Fog gets out one cast - all enemies will get like 15% fatter. So your only option is to snipe MTs, preferably at least one before Fog gets a cast. Once you clear one side of battle - try to launch blank tiles and only use abilities to deal damage, preferably only healing abilities - this will at least get your Nadder up, and both Serene and Anveil have solid heals. If you manage to survive wave 1 - make sure you have launched enough blank tiles to pre-charge your dragons before next wave. Then finish off the last dragon of wave 1.

On wave 2, if you have Fanghook charged - aim it at Foehammer. This is a rare case when a miniboss is harder than normal dragons. If you have Anveil pre-charged - use it on second turn. Enemies always attack after 2 turns, so no point to waste a turn of his extremely valuable accuracy debuff.
Your Sky-Pirate is kinda worthless, but at least it heals itself a bit, though there is nothing to steal in this fight.

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I agree I have 4000+ power and I can’t beat the level after that with the knock rockets I believe

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It’s mostly about tactics at higher power.
I’d highly recommend to get at least 1 group healer and 1 single target healer. Like explained before. Get your abilities charged before entering next wave so you can wipe the worst damage dealers of each wave quick.
Look at my team as example, 1 group medic, 1 single heal, 1 ability lock, 1 damage buffer, and a 2 target high damage to snipe. I could beat 5000 power even when I was still at 4000

Hope this helps

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I can agree with all that has been said. Everything seems to have a challenge level that is not represented by the power level of the stage. Because of this I’m losing around 50 to maybe 100 CloudJumper

Thanks everyone for the advice!:slight_smile: