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Cloudjumper Exploit


Please tell me you have a way to ban or in some other way punished these people who are cheating by exploiting a bug that enables them to have ALREADY OBTAINED Cloudjumper, for free. Literally, they paid not even runes for it, because the bug enables them to repeat Stage 5 and earn all of the runes back.

This is extremely unfair, and extremely disheartening. The only acceptable course, if you are not able to do anything about those who cheated, is to provide three copies to everyone so that the cheaters don’t gain an unfair advantage.

You need to address this, it’s happening, it’s all over Facebook, all over Reddit, all over Discord.

Ludia, how do you respond?

Glitch with cloud jumper event

Thanks for letting us know, @Itsabanana. I’ve let our team know, and they will be looking into this issue soon.

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They would need to ban A LOT of people so i don’t see it happening but part of me hopes that i’m wrong.

I think that removing Cloudjumper from those who have it and resetting the event for all players should be a good solution.

But what really bothers me is that those people are amassing runes with this exploit because they gain more than what they spend refilling energy, that’s not fair for the rest of us who play legit.

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If Ludia banned everyone that did it, it would probably be like 50% of their player base, so I dont think they are going to do that, but we will just have to see what their response is.

Im sure they will do something that rebalances it and makes it fair for everyone.


I think the only solution is to fix the button so it doesn’t allow the event to start. What if we clicked it and played without knowing the event shouldn’t have worked? Then all the stam and possibly runes used to repeat the event are wasted. Also time spent playing on this. That’s a lot of trust points, dragons, and runes to remove from the game which could be tricky. Just stop the exploit and whats done is done…

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Just stopping the exploit would still annoy everyone else who didn’t do it. It wouldn’t be fair. The people got Cloudjumper before the event even started, there is still like 2 and a half days left before it even starts.


Hard reset the servers back 2 or 4 hours then.


I mean they could just remove that dragon from the game alongside the event, reinstall it, and lessen the runes the event costs to restart so for this first event people who they can’t remove the runes from without a hard reset aren’t shafted… Hard reset would be unfair to the people who did things besides exploit the glitch in the last since whenever this started.


Hard reset would work but even if we were gifted runes for loss of progress it’d effect too many people in too many ways. Alpha damage for example what if that interfered with a low level clan killing their alpha for the day. Others log in just to burn stam super fast using auto attack some days and might not realize what they gained had been reset due to Ludia implementing a bugged event.


Hard reset is probably not an option, as it would set a lot of people back on other things they have done in story mode, drafts, breeding, and other quests. It would make everyone even angrier.


I think this is getting a little over blown, no need to start a cloud jumper war. It’s not as if a massive amount of benefit or loss occurred on either side of this discussion. Bugs happen.

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@Chalisto actually there is a big gain by some players as anyone who could mine the right level doing this isn’t down anything for the day. In fact someone with the right power level will have an insane amount of runes plus cloudjumper and likely were/are still able to play like a normal day if they actually had/have the time to waste. So some sort of balancing does need to take place if nothing else.

The bigger problem isn’t so much the fact this happened but that players doing this if they realized it could actually possibly max him and still be at a gain in runes to be frank. Assuming trust points don’t cap at 1,000 I’ve never reached 1k so I don’t know that much, but even if they only get one star the sheer number of runes this can give someone is a problem for other players unwilling to exploit the glitch.

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The devs also need to communicate what they will be doing to address those who took advantage of the exploit. And quite frankly, the time to act would be now because no one could have gotten Cloudjumper or the trust points by legitimate means.

The massive refresh bug with toothless event went by without sufficient communication from the devs and the player base had to crowdsource the info to figure out that the issue had been fixed. The lack of communication is one of the telltale signs of a poorly run mobile game and if the trend clearly establishes that, I believe that will turn a lot of players away from investing time and money into the game.

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It may be laggy as hell but the exploit is somewhat available still. I just completed 1/10 and got 6 trust points


What are young talking about? Here cloudjumper event didnt start yet, and dont understand how other ppl could start it


@Ned The devs have to really understand how serious the exploit is. Obviously I can’t go into details and no, I have not taken advantage of it (perhaps that is why I am beseeching the devs to do something more than merely closing the loophole). It is in essence an infinite exp and rune bug on top of the Cloudjumper trust points. Getting 3000 trust points for the 5 star cloudjumper (or more if you want a breeding stormcutter) is trivial. The exploit allows the user to farm infinite amount of exp and runes. It is absolutely game breaking and the gulf of advantage the exploit provides those who take advantage of it cannot be overstated. Unless the devs act to remedy those who already took advantage of the bug, it will skew the balance drastically in favor of those who took advantage of it, which will obviously be an issue in clans and also in arena when it gets introduced. If the devs don’t believe how bad the exploit is, please feel free to email or directly message me and I can lay out step by step how easily it would allow the user to farm exp and runes on top of the trust points.

I have to stress again. If the devs do not roll back the advantage the bug provided to those who took it, it will irrevocably damage the balance between the people who exploited and people who did not. It doesn’t even have to be a ban. First step would be to remove the event or simply replace cloudjumper with another dragon event That locks in those who exploited. Then give the players who exploited a week or so to self report. Those who self report can be given leniency in the sense that the account be simply rolled back or set close to pre-exploit status. Then anyone who did not self report and has cloudjumper trust points can be flagged for mass banning.


I dont know exactly what the exploit Is, buy im definitely with you: devs should remove any advantage granted by a bug, or the game will be quickly ruined.

I think ppl would think seriously before spending Money in a game where cheaters (well, bugexploiters) can get more forse free, and devs dont address the problem


or just track those with cloudjumper trust points and ban, reset or at least rollback the accounts like 24 hours or so. Its been a few hours in a work day so i dont think there are many people who exploited this.


I couldn’t agree more and i honestly wouldn’t mind a 24hr rollback if this ensures that the balance between players gets back to normal.

Let me emphasize, i worked very hard to get to level 34 and it’s frustrating seeing players catching up in a matter of hours with infinite runes that they possibly used to draft dragons as well. We need a fix asap.


Just to let u know, exploit Is still here.
maybe a maintenence time Is needed devs…

I decided not to use the bug, im very curious to see how devs Will act