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Cloudjumper Exploit


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But what about the people who got Toothless completely 5 * at the beginning of the game? You are discussing an old bug that worked before and on Toothless before, as many people received it themselves, how to deal with them? I wrote this to tech support, thanked me and said they would do it. Just developers in the pursuit of money released a very raw game. And now they have released an event + new packs for donate)))


There are people on Facebook blatantly bragging that they got Cloudjumper already and when they’re called out for they cheating they get mad.
I really hope that Ludia does something, like taking away their dragon after the event ends.

Ludias not gonna take their dragon away, that’s absurd! Even wishing for something like that is beyond that!! I don’t know what Ludia will do about the people who got CloudJumper earlier than they should, but their not gonna take away the dragon from them, that’s for sure.


Like you said, we don’t know what Ludia will do so don’t be so sure that they won’t take away their dragon.
The people who exploited don’t deserve the dragon and they know they did wrong, so they don’t have the right to complain if Ludia does something like that.

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I know that they won’t take away the dragon, guaranteed! I give you my word for it. :wink:

Why would it be absurd for for them to take away a dragon that was not gained correctly?

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Because they didn’t take Toothless completely 5 * those who got it at the start of the game, because they didn’t take Toothless at the previous event, those who used the same bug, and now even more so buy runes and keep silence)))

I don’t know why it’s such a big ruckus for you, sure, people gained a dragon when they should’ve have by using the glitch, and they shouldn’t deserve it, but it shouldn’t bother people this much!? Yeah, it’s unfair that way to some of the players, in their point of view anyway, but it’s not worth this much bickering, it’s all a waist of typing about.


If you are going to argue that people’s dragons should be taken away, or in favor of banning people, please use arguments other than ‘It’s not fair’, because, it was fair. The glitch was available for 24 hours so everyone had an equal chance to use it (though I’m not saying it was the right thing to do). It is so easy to see who is butthurt about having not used the glitch (so much for your ‘honesty’), and who is here to actually make valid points (This is’t directed at you). Stop complaining, because actually YOU are being more malicious than the people who casually exploited the glitch.


Wow! It’s good to know where your morality stands. It’s like saying: The shopkeeper forgot to close his store’s doors for the night „and everyone had an equal chance to use it”…

You want people to stop complaining only because of your own iterest. You and others like you are worried that people’s complains will push Ludia to take steps in this.

Like I said before - if Ludia respects all the players, there will be repercussions. And based on what the mods said - there will be some. I don’t care for opinions of people who aren’t mods, but „know something for a fact”…


What are your motives behind this text? All you did there, was spout out words that ment nothing, not trying to sound like I want to start anything, really, it’s just your argument really ticks me off. I’m not surprised that there will be repercussions for this glitch. I don’t know what will happen really, or why this argument is continuing as it is. Like I’ve said before, all this worrying is for nothing.

Oh, PS, your second paragraph, doesn’t make any sense, whoever that was directed to, it wasn’t me or Skrill, so I don’t know what that was all about.

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I don’t think that’s fair. Hard-earned points shouldn’t be removed as well as points that were won via exploitation. Let’s be reasonable.

And let me represent how the event went from my side of things.

First of all, the event for me started as it should 4 days ago, not when comments in this thread indicate. For 2 days earlier than that I only had the notification of the event that was coming (Cloudjumper event), and not the event itself (which wasn’t the event but a glitch). Earlier than that, I think I wasn’t logged in the game at all for about a week (and completely lost another event because of it). Thus, I couldn’t have known there was even a glitch, if I was given the event at the time, to begin with. But as luck would have it, the notification and the event worked normally; I was notified 6 days ago (around the time people in this forum started posting about a bug & exploitation) and it started 4 days ago (by rough estimation).

Now the event itself lasted 3d 21h as I assume is normal. It worked well the first 3 days, and I earned 90 trust points for Cloudjumper (who is only a baby for me, and these were his first points), fairly, and I would hate to see those points go just because there had been a bug a few days ago and some people took advantage. On day 4, I played quest level 1 (after I had re-started the quest when it became normal), won, and after it gave me trust points, the quest pointer moved to quest level 3 instead of 2. I did not enter the quest level to play. I restarted my phone, the game itself, waited… There was no change. I then went back to play but played regular, duty, clan and other (daily) quests that had nothing to do with the Cloudjumper event quests. Hours passed, the glitchy quest pointer wasn’t fixed, and I had nothing else to do, so I came and made a post about a NEW BUG in Cloudjumper event.

Now, I don’t even know if when I passed the 1st quest at the time the game at least gave me the correct trust points. Because I went from 90 to 103. I am not sure how many levels the first quest level was supposed to give me, but I am to assume that they weren’t 13. They must have been 6 or something.

Now then. Having received no response from any moderator or somebody from Ludia regarding my post, and since the event was coming to a close, with the whole evening, night, and morning having passed, there were 2 hours left for the event when I logged in today, the cost for runes was affordable during early afternoon and I paid it for a restart of the event quests.

I think after this re-start of the quests, they went normally for a time… Well, for the first 3 quest levels. I also think I earned the points I was supposed to have earned, and if that’s the case, I want my trust points to stay.

What happened next, however, was unclear to me. I might have passed quest level 4, and I don’t know if I got my reward for it, or I didn’t pass it (which would be strange because I had the dragon power to pass it) at all. I either did pass it (and by “it” I mean quest level 4) with the pointer not recognizing that I had done so and not rewarding me for it, and pointing for me to play again quest level 4 when I had played quest level 5 and lost, it pointed again on quest level 4. Or I was playing quest level 4, for the first time, I really don’t remember, and the dragons appeared to be of level 5. I don’t know what happened. And with this, even NEWER BUG, I am terribly confused. But I lost that battle (how it didn’t make any sense because I had the dragon power to win doesn’t matter) so even if it was a re-play of quest level 4 (in case I had played and won (well, I must have if I played it, unless I didn’t because of the bug) - but with dragons from the next level (hence the failure) because I really thought I was playing quest level 5), it doesn’t matter because I lost the battle. I don’t know what happened though, only that the event glitched with the quest levels 4 and 5, not the particular of it, and I made a new comment about it in my post - report of the bug i encountered. Whatever happened there, I think the developers should either amend or delete my activity on quest levels 4 and 5. And I also want to say and underline that at the time the newest glitch happened I decided to let the event go, meaning I didn’t try to replay or anything. I just went on to my regular, daily, clan quests & stuff until I run out of energy. This can be proved if they look into my account closely.

What I would suggest is that they amend my trust points to what I actually earned by playing, like the first 90 (trust points from the first 3 days, from winning quest levels 1-4) + 6 (for the first quest level of event, if those are its trust points) + 6 (for first quest level after the last re-start) + 7 (for the second quest level after the last re-start, if those are its trust points) + 8 (for the 3rd quest level after the last re-start, if those are its trust points) = 117 trust points (if I have stated the right trust points per quest) .

And I leave what happened with level quest 4 after the last restart with a “?” here, not counting any more points than I think were earned.

My total of trust points seem to be 124/1000.

And the whole thing is up to them now. I just kindly suggest amendment of the trust points, but not to lose all my trust points for levels I did play and win. Especially after not exploiting bugs to my advantage or cheating via any other method. Is that too much to ask?

P.S. I edited this post today because my original comment was written and posted on the 3rd day of the event, before I encountered any bugs, and this is one and a half day later - okay, sort of 2 days later - after I encountered some bugs after all. It’s an update of sorts, only I had to make major changes in my comment to explain my experience with 2 (new?) bugs.

Because they would take it from all users in order not to differentiate, which would mean that all users who played fairly and earned those points would lose them.

What I think should happen in reduce trust points that were gained via bug, so any cheater returns to the trust points they had earned before the exploitation, remove any other awards (like runes as you say they were amassing) that were gained via bug as well, and voilà, they’re equal to every regular player.

This way people who bought runes with real-life money so as to keep restarting the game and getting more trust points, perhaps even earning all 1000/1000 so they could train Cloudjumper and get his adult form, would not get affected. They should not get affected.

Nor should any player that just earned several trust points by just playing lose them. Only exploitation points and awards should vanish.

And since the bug was from the game itself, I don’t think developers have much ground for actual punishment. I mean, it’s not the same as if the cheaters hacked the game or something. Thus, they should receive a warning, perhaps a penalty if they exploit again, after they lose anything they earned by exploiting the bug. Most importantly, though, developers should be more careful about releasing an event, check that it works normally or take it back, fix it and release it again later, for every user. It will save everyone the headache, especially the developers.

(And while this comment seems to be addressed to you, it sort of it addressed to everyone that thinks all players should lose points so long as cheaters are put in their place.)

If they were to do anything, it would of been before the event started. They could of rolled back people with trust points. Then it wouldnt hurt other players. It quiet obvious they have no intentions of doing anything about it at this point.

I am surprised with the amount of comments “it’s not my fault, the devs should test it better”. I see that the same mentality as “they should of locked their door, otherwise I wouldn’t of stole” I might of taken advantage of it, but Im not going to be mad if I have some sort of punishment, I was expecting it actually. Safe to say now nothing will happen tho.

Lol, the only thing obvious about this, is that it contains letters, words, and sentences. You could have just typed it up yourself and put it in there. But, regardless, you are right - no consequences for those who cheat, and no consolations to those who play the game honorably and fairly. Case closed.


Careful, I’ve had posts hidden for sharing conversations with support

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Is that against the rules?? Sorry :grimacing:, but still, most people read what I said, Support sent in that there will be no consequences this time, so no one is loosing CloudJumper or his Trust Points!

Ah, excuse me, may I ask what do you mean when you say “people with trust points”? Anyone can get trust points. Are you talking about the ones who exploited to get them? If so, I agree with you, they should have reduced those players’ progress in the trust points to what it was before cheating. But this is about the event before the Cloudjumper one, which I didn’t get to play (wasn’t logged in at the time) but heard had similar glitches with the Cloudjumper one, but they apparently weren’t quick enough to fix the glitches for neither event, even as Cloudjumper event was the second time they had to deal with those glitches so they should know how to fix them and be able to do it rather quickly. But that would mean they figured things out for the previous event’s glitches. Perhaps they haven’t (yet)? Just a thought.

Anyways, they should at least have figured out what happened by now, and amend trust points for any players and their dragons involved. Because it is not fair game to cheat, even if the game offers you to, and it’s not fair at all for the people who did the right thing and reported the bugs they encountered.