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Cloudjumper quest?!


After the pre-event cheater scandal, after taking away the free reset, after retuning the difficulty to make it harder for normal players… you are offering a quest that requires it?

A dragon that nobody legitimately(that is, by playing the game, not buying it or exploiting it) has? That’s some spite right there. Rub it in, guys.

I mean, even assuming, “assuming!” that some people have reasonably spent their life’s savings… or otherwise blowing thousands upon thousands of runes to reset this event, and who had the dragons to do levels 9 and 10… Do you think these people rushed this single-copy average 5s yellow to be maxed out in less than a week at 1000 power, ready to take on this quest?

Okay, Lightfury quest happened ater two events and quite some time after the second event, so obviously people could have the dragon, and even a leveled dragon, but this is insane. Not even exclusive.
Some people are probably leveling all of their highest available species, preparing runes and waiting for these “drill events”, hoping to FINALLY get some “affordable” 4-s dragons.

Instead we get this out of place nonsense. Honestly, the only people who’d benefit from it - are level 5 cheaters, who got multiple copies. Good catering, Ludia.
But thanks for the previous EggShell quest, that was really, really useful, those 4 basic drafts that require a semi-maxed out 4-5star team is definitely a very valuable reward for endgame players.

P.S.: To the white knights:
Yes, I can wait for the “normal” quest. It doesn’t make this one any less spiteful and pointless.

"Bring your own Timberjack"

My thoughts exactly!

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