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[CM] Jorge

You were one of the good ones by comparison though, I’ll give you that much :relieved:

Also, member this?


This is the saddest goodbye post I’ve seen yet Best of Luck @Jorge :heart:


Let him have his moment bro. It’s common curiosity.

(ps maybe change your name to something other than E.D.)

((that was a free protip. I expect compensation in the form of not flagging and banning left and right like some kind of fascist)) :wink:


Aww sad, but you where our community manager. Well good luck and happy future Jorge, you’ll be missed.

@E.D. no pressure, but you have big shoes to fill. :wink:

Jorge is humbled and proud you all feel this way! I’ll do what I can! :grinning:


@Jorge Awww. Sorry to see you go. You will be missed!

@Jorge Good luck and all the best buddy :+1:t2:

Take it easy @Jorge. Thanks for your communication.

Is that Pikachu???

The violin never disappoints lol!

@Jorge Wish you all the best for your future plans =D.

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@Jorge Best of luck for the future!

@Jorge Anyone who can live through the forums and Lydia employment should be crowned Emperor of the Tough!

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@Jorge Thanks for all your help around here. I wish you luck in your future career and life.

Thank you @Jorge. I hope your new adventure will be a great one!

Good luck on your new adventures @Jorge.

@Jorge If your new adventures take you into the jungle, remember one thing…there is ALWAYS another raptor.

Another raptor?
Ahh I’m glad you asked mate, you see Raptors are pack hunters, and their out in force today.

Well said brother. I, too, agree that ED is far from a good start…

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Absolutely Nobody:

Jorge:Ight imma head out

Good luck on your next adventure!

Un abrazo,