Co-Leader position

What does every one think about having a co-leader position to help take care of everything in the alliance, because as a leader I’m not always online. Also, to have someone there even when I am online would be helpful.


I think it would be a good idea. My alliance could use one as I’m not on very much.


Thanks for the suggestion. :smiley:


This is a requirement. It should have ready been a feature.

Officer roles within the alliance system would definitely help, many alliances have a lot of work and coordination required to maintain, so having official roles and settings would be invaluable to the running of an alliance.

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At this point, most teams are doing everything on discord.
Co leader was a great idea, and a definite need months ago. Most of us have moved past that.

Ludia can’t even make the chat work.

I would rather, at this point, they focus on fixing that, rather than deploying something to break the game worse…

Co leader working within the current chat system is essentially useless. What benefit is there to this feature?
I’m the leader in my alliance.

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Yep, a working chat is kinda essential in a smooth running alliance, but sadly its been broken for so long that every as you said just uses discord.

I think its been broken 15months now, still don’t know why its not been fixed!