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Co-op is just another toy to make us not quit the game

So we all know that ludia have been teasing these things for over a month now. But ludia still haven’t released the notes. The hype is up but I think they are teasing because to keep players from quitting for as long as possible. Then they will release the notes and everyone will get hyped. Once the update comes, people will check it out and hype over it because of new toy syndrome. But then it will just be another feature with a lot of bugs. Ludia will then proceed to push more and more new stuff to make us play more.


I mean to be a good game you’ve gotta update it constantly


But they never fix anything that already exists. What is the point of something new if you haven’t already fixed all the (notable) current problems


I can understand where your coming from but all games have bugs and they will all get fixed eventually


I doubt that Lydia will fix many bugs. Many game breaking bugs have stayed around for a year or more

i got a friend who does this sort of thing. it can take hours to find what is causing the problem and even longer to fix it. especially when you try one thing to fix it, and then 15 other things no longer work. so it’s undo what you just did to fix those and try to find another way to fix your original problem.

that being said, they probably should’ve at least figured out how to fix a few of these problems already. I can only imagine how cluttered the code is.


Endless teasing with no results only results in a game dying more. I’ve seen this for a game. As there is only one coder in their dev team, it takes almost a year to push out ONE major update. I’m in their discord, and they have been posting teasers none stop, letting the player base believe that the update is coming soon. Week after week, it’s always ‘update’s coming out this week!!!’ to ‘update’s coming out next week’. It’s just endless, and people are getting sick of it. As a result, a game that used to have more than 50k people playing is reduced to a sad 2k. I believe that’s what’s also happening to JWA

Not this many, not this long.

A game like this one would have some nutso code required, especially for a mobile game. However, it’s the fact that these bugs have existed for over a year that drives people insane.

Also, happy cake day

i can always understand a patch or two to fix some big bugs, but never when they’ve been going on for over a year. nothing to defend now.

And thank you.

Speaking of years, happy cake day!

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Remember The Doppelganger from Sanc? That Bugs have been from 1.8 and they havent Fix that Bug till now. And that has been a year from now