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Co-op Mode. What other families will there be?

With the announcement of Co-op mode and the first 3 families announced, what other families do we think will be included, which creatures will be in them and how will a mechanic (if any) will work?

Thought I might get the ball rolling


All the ankys + Baja + Turtles
The whole team is made vulnerable

What other groups do you think will be included?

Crocs with lockdown.
I’m guessing Kaprosuchus isn’t counted there though, as he’s in the ferocious buff group (but not the RTC one) or cleansing group.

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-Ferocious crocs (Posto, Kapro, their hybrids with the same body type)
-Pouncing Raptors
-Speedup chickens (Erliks, etc.)
-Stunning Ceratopsians
-Charging Domeheads (Pachy, etc)
-Pinning Sauropods (Apato, Diplod, etc)
-Armoured Sauropods (Brachio, Maxima, etc)
-Definite Cenozoic Rhinos
-Armoured Turtles
-Saber Toothed Pouncers
-Defense Shattering Tyrannosaurs
-Lockdown Crocs
-Superiority Hadrosaurs
-Shielding Ankylosaurs
-Immune Permian Lizards (Dimetrodon, etc)
-Counter attacking Pterosaurs
-Wounding Pterosaurs
-Tanky Pterosaurs
-Distracting Fast Permians
-Tanky Permians
-Prehistoric Mutual Fury Pigs (Arch, Entelodon, Moth)
-On Escape Snakes
-Ferocious Mammoths (Mammoth, M-therium, Lania)
-Distracting Amphibians
-Cunning fast Theropods (Mono, Dilo, Tany, etc)
-Immune evasive Ornithomimids
-Speed control Deer

Did I miss any?
For the most part it seems based on animation set but also on moves. For example, Ankyntrosaurus has Thagomizer but it wasn’t put with Stegosaurids, because it’s Ankylosaurus body type


What about counter attack pterosaurs and sia creatures(irri g2,dracorex,etc)

Oof didn’t notice them

Doubt there will be so many families. I’m expecting 9-12 more if they will introduce 3 per week. There will be Sauropods, Ceratopsians for sure.

Probably similar to the scent families we have.

That’s what I’ve been thinking anyways.

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Ooh,I haven’t thought about that