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Co to jest? What is this?

Co to za odliczanie nad VIP center
What is this countdown over the VIP center

Did you take the 1 week free vip trial?

That might be the timer to show that the Vip Dna building is expiring since you’re no longer vip

Otherwise it may be a bug.


Nie, wykupiłem Vip na miesiąc
Nie, kupiłem Vipa na miesiąc

No, I bought Vip for a month
No, I bought a Vip for a month

Then it’s probably what I said, the dna building will only work when your vip, longer you’re vip the better it becomes.

If you unsubscribe from vip it stops working but if you get vip again within that time listed there the dna building will not go back base level.


czyli wszystkie Vip-owskie osiągnięcia się zresetują?
so all VIP achievements will be reset?

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Is your subscription still active? Your account isn’t connected to your Ap Store. So you need to log back in to your Ap Store to reassociate them. This happens periodically on my son’s account. He uses an iPad

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Mam android.
I have an android.

Yes. Once that timer resets, if you become VIP again, you will be starting completely over


Ok dzięki
Ok thanks

Like I said, go into the Play Store and Play Games and make sure your account is properly synched. You may also want to click the achievements button on the in-game menu