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Code 19 always failing

This isn’t so much a compliant, because I still complete Code 19. But recently, I’ve notice every time I try the ‘follow the dot’ task, it always counts as a failure, even if I follow the dot straight to the end.
I’m not sure if I suddenly gotten bad, or if it’s a bug of some kind. But I’m interested to hear if anyone else has been having the same problem recently.

Same I click the start but they just end it

Ive never once managed a follow the dot task

This explains how to increase your chances but I just can’t do it

You are clicking too soon or to late if it ends before you get a chance to trace.

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It is hard for me to decide if I’m too soon or too late because the message always says ‘too late’. More than once I wished that the game told me if I clicked before or after the slider reached the yellow bar.