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Code 19, any rules?

There is not a whole lot about it in help. If a dino escapes, what team should I send? Why are some of them easy and some hard? How do u do crescent challenge?

Finish in the red the dino escapes
Blue the dino is safe but you don’t get all the rewards
Green you get the rewards
DNA is based on each perfect set you complete and the more you get perfect in a row the dna goes up quicker.
Tap the numbers and the slider on the bottom of the screen.
On the Cresent, N and straight line one you have to drag thru the shape with the moving ball.
Rewards are based on the rarity of the dino and how full the paddock is
If a dino escapes use the strongest team possible to cut the containment time down as much as possible(1 hour is the shortest time I’ve ever seen).


Adding to what @Cvratz1 said, it works better if you send a creature that has class advantage over your scaped creature, but, of course, make sure it’s strong enough, don’t just send a Diplocaulus to rescue a Baryonyx lol


I find dinos with class advantage cut the time down more

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For recovery time, there is a cap that you can reach with one really strong Dino or up to 3 weaker dinos. Play around with combos so you don’t use any you will miss on cool down.

I used to have big problems with the tracer patterns - particularly the crescent ones - when I was focusing on the ball. The main thing to watch for is the blue circle around the start and end points ( and middle of it is there). You need to start your trace when the start point goes blue, and end it when the end point turns blue. You can pause along the way if it is slow, and you don’t need to keep on top of the ball either. Just watch the start and end points and make sure your finger is there when they are blue.

I don’t have any tips for the slider bar…

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This might help:


That was very helpful thank you.

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