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Code 19 Bug

This bug with the tracing of the letter “N” on the hardest level has plagued me for AGES. Wondering if anyone else has it? I basically have no way to really tell when it becomes active because of this bug so fail on it fairly often due to either being too soon or not soon enough (had two failures today that would have been perfect scores otherwise).


No, all my dinosaurs that are left in the open give me at least 230 DNA (or so they say), so the n tracer is roughly about the same timing for all. Shouldn’t you start the trace when the green circle closes around the starting point?

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The green outline shows up when you tap it to indicate success. The color changing to blue is what is supposed to indicate that it’s active but as the video shows, that doesn’t seem to be the case for me. The “C” behaves normally. That’s why you’re seeing the green show up on that one at about the same timing.

I’m not sure what your comment about the DNA amount refers to, this doesn’t seem to matter what the DNA amount is, only whether it’s a 5 point sDNA Code 19 (in which case you trace the N a lot slower) or a 8-10 point sDNA (where you have to trace it quickly). So I never fail if it’s a 5-point Code 19 because those seem to be fine.


I got it, when it turns blue and where you tap it to start as normal for the correct timing but as soon as you tap it, no matter it turns blue, it gives error as if you did a bad timing isn’t it? So you lose the full session even before it starts. Kinda strange case, would be nightmarish for someone like me who has still got issues with the green zone sliders (which I would be so appreciated to learn some tricks especially on those thinnest ones), so haven’t had such a glitch yet. Did you let them know via support?

Yes I sent a link to the video and details on what I’m seeing to support. As per usual, not expecting to hear anything from them for some time, but typically if no one else is reporting a bug, they generally don’t bother to address it.

FYI - it doesn’t always fail me after turning blue… if I wait a noticeable amount of time before I start, it will turn green and give me a success. But it’s very hard to get the timing right where there is NO visible indication of when it will allow me to go or not. And by delaying my start, I have a MUCH higher rate of failure in terms of finishing the trace in time. As I mention in the comment on my video, my guess is that the start is not becoming active until the end point activates… rather than them being at different times… so I do the trace really fast to make sure I finish it on time. On a good day I’m able to get them done without any failures. It’s just impossible to be very consistent with it.

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I see, I hope it is gonna be resolved one way or another. :confused: Then have you any tips for me on the sliders or any tutorial you know around here? Because only that part ruins my whole session and prevents me off getting perfect. :frowning: If there is a single one only in the end, I am fine. But if there is more than two that means I lost the moment I see it.

Like so many things in life… practice makes perfect! I only do Code 19s on my tablet because I find I am much better at gauging when the slider will be over the target, some people prefer doing it on their phone. Some players prefer to tap anywhere on the screen… I seem to do better when I am tapping directly on where the slider target is. You mostly just have to learn to watch it moving back and forth and anticipate when it’s going to be on top of the target… without jumping the gun and hitting it too soon (my biggest problem!) There are certain patterns in how they appear as well that regularly doing them will make it easy to recognize and it becomes almost automatic on the timing when to tap.

It helps as well to understand how the Code 19 levels are determined, at least for me, so I know even before it starts when the sliders will be.

First, Code 19 levels are primarily set by the rarity level of the creature. I keep all my common paddocks (other than hybrids) stashed unless I’m really low on coins, as they get very poor rewards… but if you are just learning Code 19s, keep them out so you can have more easier ones to practice on before going up to the harder ones. With rare paddocks, I hatch all the extra copies I get and don’t evolve them right away to make sure they always have at least 11 creatures in the paddock to maximize rewards. As much as possible, I leave creatures at lower levels to fill the paddocks and get better rewards, as long as I don’t really need them for any other game use.

As I get up into the higher rarities, the class of creatures comes into play more. Carnivores have the easiest Code 19s with a max 30 point Code 19… and only 1 slider at the end. So these are my favorites, easy to get perfect scores on. Full Indoraptor paddocks for instance… easy Code 19 with pretty good DNA reward.

Herbivores are the next hardest, also max of 30 points, with 2 sliders, with the first one usually appearing in the second spot, and tends to have patterns that are fairly easy to learn.

And then the amphis and pteros… that’s where you get 3 sliders, which are the most challenging… but of course the highest DNA rewards as well (a perfect score on my Metria paddock is over 1000). So I personally am stashing about 2/3 of those paddocks (particularly with 6 Code 19s to do!) since I so rarely get perfect scores when there’s 3 sliders. I leave out the ones with the highest DNA rewards that are still worthwhile even if not done perfectly (gorgosuchus for instance) but anything that maxes out around 400 or less gets stashed, so I can maximize my chances of getting carnivore or herbivore Code 19s instead. By grouping all my ptero and amphi paddocks near each other and by the repository, and having a specific order to stash them and then put them back in reverse order, it takes only a minute for me to do this… and greatly improving my daily take of DNA as a result. And greatly reducing my annoyance with Code 19s!

If I get to a point where I’m pretty regularly getting all the sliders I might leave more of the 31 point paddocks out, but considering how long I’ve been doing them and still regularly miss on these… stashing those harder paddocks is a strategy that works very well for me. I set a daily alarm on my Amazon Echo to remind me 5 minutes before the Code 19s go active so that I remember to stash the paddocks and also switch over to my tablet so I don’t accidentally have them pop up on my phone.

So hope that helps. Depends on your personal level of interest on doing Code 19s whether this is something to do or not, but at least it will give you some insight into what determines the level that you get.


It’s not just you @Mary_Jo something is definitely up with the N tracer because I used to do this perfectly now it’s very hard to gauge when to start and when to finish, I have had occasions where I’ve done it successfully by hitting the last point when it turns green but it’s even failed then, frustrating because I like to see where I go wrong on things but this I cant.


Wow @Mary_Jo, it is more than an explanation, almost a guide that the game is lacking on that part. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I am so grateful, thanks. I am doing these regularly not more than a month so getting warmed up recently. But the tablet detail would be more useful for me as you mentioned. Again I hope your problem will be resolved, 'cause seeing you as a player of well practiced on code 19s would be a shame losing just because of a silly glitch. I will make you noticed when I get better on these. (Most probably the next century :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


Make sure you contact Ludia support and tell them! The more reports of the problem they get, the better the chance that they will fix it!!

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LOL yeah I would say it took me a month just to get really consistent on the fairly easy lvl 5 Code 19s. I’ve been doing them every day for about a year and still struggle on the sliders at the highest levels so I’ve pretty much accepted I’m not likely to ever be perfect on them but you are right that it really blows to not get a perfect score when the ONLY thing I miss on is that N due to the bug with it.

I did recently get an Android tablet so I might start trying to do some of them on that and see if the same bug occurs there. For me though, any change in how I do the Code 19s including where I do them, how my tablet is positioned, etc. will generally result in more mistakes. Consistency is the name of the game for me to be successful.

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Ahahah just on point, consistency. :call_me_hand: To an outsider who really doesn’t have an idea about the whole approach to this game, could easily think that is some ordinary farming game. But no, it literally teaches you in many ways, concentration, patience, practice, planning, organizing sources, making quick-minded decisions, being precise and such. I think I love this game nothing but for these, considering how needy is the game itself as having errors, device preference, consuming time and so on.

Yeah I love it for the complexity of the strategy as well… but I would be happy to not have the Code 19 at all, I really don’t think a fast-action game fits in to the design of this game at all, I think it made more sense when it was completely optional in the past, i.e. nothing else in the game relied on doing them. I’d do it regardless but I definitely will look for ways to make it as easy as possible, while still maximizing its rewards.

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Optional? But you can still send Owen to make him take care of all. Oh you mean the daily tasks or story missions. Boss missions have also added to that yes. Yeah but you know, sometimes contrasts make something even better. So I think they suit with the game that way. But still, find them so difficult considering the whole other parts of the game. :slight_smile:

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