Code 19 nonsense


Way to introduce something purely irritating ludia. Now instead of just getting to play the game I have to deal with random tantrums from dinos and play a pathetic minigame that doesnt even work most of the time. The sliding bar is completely unintuitive to the point where I genuinely dont know when or where I’m supposed to tap, since tapping the part that turns blue doesnt seem to work. Was anyone actually clamouring for another minigame? I certainly wasnt.

Enough with Code 19!

I had 3 forced on me last few hours and lost them all. Got em back, barely, with a little DNA and XP points at Level 75. Not fun at all.


Load of rubish update get rid of this in game crap does not work asap


Agreed; I still have no clue as to why my taps sometimes work and sometimes don’t. The slide never moves and the color of the rings makes no difference…and this is after the latest update today.


When I open the game looking to relax, probably after getting fed up with you OTHER Jurassic World game Ludia, the LAST thing I want to do is sit through a pointless, frustrating minigame to stop a random dinosaur throwing a tantrum. Scratch that; the last thing I wasnt to do REGARDLESS of what I was doing prior to opening the game. Seriously; what was the point of adding this? It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the rest of the game, it is random, boring and frustrating when the sliding bar part refuses to work. The rewards are pitiful even for a perfect score, it prevents me from doing the things I ACTUALLY want to do, and is slowly but surely driving the fun out of this. 0/10 Ludia, well done.


I totally agree. Code 19 is pointless and does not add anything to the game, except frustrations. Give us some challenges with proper rewards please. Make this game less of a grind.