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Code 19 nonsense

Way to introduce something purely irritating ludia. Now instead of just getting to play the game I have to deal with random tantrums from dinos and play a pathetic minigame that doesnt even work most of the time. The sliding bar is completely unintuitive to the point where I genuinely dont know when or where I’m supposed to tap, since tapping the part that turns blue doesnt seem to work. Was anyone actually clamouring for another minigame? I certainly wasnt.


I had 3 forced on me last few hours and lost them all. Got em back, barely, with a little DNA and XP points at Level 75. Not fun at all.

Load of rubish update get rid of this in game crap does not work asap

Agreed; I still have no clue as to why my taps sometimes work and sometimes don’t. The slide never moves and the color of the rings makes no difference…and this is after the latest update today.

When I open the game looking to relax, probably after getting fed up with you OTHER Jurassic World game Ludia, the LAST thing I want to do is sit through a pointless, frustrating minigame to stop a random dinosaur throwing a tantrum. Scratch that; the last thing I wasnt to do REGARDLESS of what I was doing prior to opening the game. Seriously; what was the point of adding this? It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the rest of the game, it is random, boring and frustrating when the sliding bar part refuses to work. The rewards are pitiful even for a perfect score, it prevents me from doing the things I ACTUALLY want to do, and is slowly but surely driving the fun out of this. 0/10 Ludia, well done.

I totally agree. Code 19 is pointless and does not add anything to the game, except frustrations. Give us some challenges with proper rewards please. Make this game less of a grind.

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VReviving an older but still annoying aspect of this game. The fact that Code 19’s are a dubious use of time and resources has been established but now, for me at least, it’s the frequency at which I’m being hit with them. Yesterday I was hit with three code 19’s within my first 10 minutes of logging on and this morning, again hit three times within five minutes of logging on. Enough is enough Ludia. Get rid of this annoying feature of the game or at least limit it to once a day per player. Hitting players multiple times a day is unnecessary and irritating.

But it is no problem for you to skip a Code 19 if it occurs.


Yup… Just let good, ole Owen take care of the issue for you. He has a 100% success rate in my park.


I actually find them to be an easy way to get S-DNA and DNA in a short time. Especially been good for Dilposuchus.


Yep, I have a ton of S-DNA thanks to code 19s. And if ever I can’t be bothered (or if I don’t want to risk a particular dino) then I just skip it and let Owen take care of business.


I do agree though that it’s pretty annoying if you don’t like to play them. It wouldn’t be hard to just have a game setting to disable them so they never pop up. I used to really hate them since it’s really hard to succeed at them when you are new to playing it, but the more I played them, the better I got, and now I’d LOVE to have even more than 3 a day. The DNA bonus if you get to the end without missing any points is pretty nice and I am able to get it on probably 9 out of 10 of the 5 point ones. The 10 pointers, I still fail fairly regularly… but I have managed a perfect score a couple times even on those! But it’d be nice to be able to skip one of those that comes up if I don’t want to risk losing my dino and be able to get another one instead.


I fail in those with 10 points from time to time too.
If a Code 19 appears I first look for the dino who is causing it.
If it is one of the most valuable ones, who needs a very long time to be caught if I fail, I let Owen do the job.
The biggest issue with these dinos is, that if I send mighty dinos to catch it, those have to suffer a full cooldown, which could be much longer as the catch.

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I totally ignore them.

I figure that if I ignore it then it might not show up again. Not worked so far though.

They should aim to make it enjoyable vs tedious.

I am well aware of how to avoid them… didn’t need the tutorial.

This feature is annoying and not worth the effort IMO. I’m glad some of you enjoy it, but I find it very irritating when I am hit with several of these in a short period of time and that was the purpose of my post,

I don’t just fail the 10 point ones “from time to time”. I usually fail them. The only reason I do them at all is 1. the time of day they occur I typically don’t have anything else going on so even if I fail it’s not a big deal 2. I do sometimes win and hope springs eternal and 3. my hope is that if I keep doing them, eventually I’ll get better at them and maybe win more often. That doesn’t seem to have happened yet though!

If by skipping the 10 points ones it would move on to a 5 point one instead, so I still got 3 to try every day, I’d definitely skip them. But since it’s a “try it or lose it” for whatever 3 dinos it picks each day, I’ll keep trying them. But I definitely MUCH prefer the 5-point ones.


Yeah, same here… I almost always do these for this reason (unless I’m in a hurry).

I’m actually hoping that Kaprosuchus s-DNA will rotate into this.

I certainly don’t want these to go anywhere, as S-DNA opportunities are few and far between most of the time.

That sound like a pretty reasonable solution.

Another suggestion that I have would be to increase the output of the rewards for Code 19’s. Some examples would be to a) double the s-DNA output, b) provide more regular DNA (for perfect and non-perfect attempts), and c) provide VIP Points for perfect performances, and d) provide 2x (or more) rewards for consecutive perfect rounds.

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