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Code 19 Success

I wish I could have gotten a picture, but I just had a perfect Code 19 on 4 Level 20 Apatosauruses and 1 Level 10. I got 680 DNA and 10 s-DNA. Pretty amazing!



I actually has a Code 19 popup on my smartphone after I thought I’d already played them all on my iPad… I always try to get to them when the switchover occurs on there as I do so much better on my tablet, so I haven’t even tried on on my phone in ages. But even though this was a lvl 10 one, I’ve gotten so much better at winning these, I thought I’d give it a try. Not only did I win it, I got a perfect score for something like 900 DNA. Not bad for my first time trying one on my phone! Thankfully I only got one of the sliders, right at the end, as that’s the one I particularly have trouble with on the 10 pointers.

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I’ve never had such a large prize. I usually do Code 19’s on my phone and, while I usually get “Perfect Containment,” I will often miss one. On the smaller prizes, I stumble on with trace the shape, especially the one with the midpoint. On the higher level ones, the slider can give me trouble. This time, I was on a tablet, and that larger screen makes it SO much easier

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