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Code 19 Suggestions

Thanks, as always, for a great game.

First Code 19 suggestion: when we click on the red “Code 19” box on the far right, it jumps to whatever dino is escaping. Thank you. However, right now, we can’t see which dino it is. I can guess based on what I can see of my park in the background, and how much DNA I can win, but I’d like to know exactly which dino I’ll be playing with. Especially with the new trace-this-shape minigame, I don’t want to play Code 19 if it’s a hybrid or legendary; it’s not worth the risk to lose that dino for a half-day. But if it’s a common, rare, or non-hybrid super rare, it’s worth taking the chance.

Short version: let us see exactly which critter is rarin’ to escape.

Second Code 19 request: get rid of the new trace-the-shape minigame. It’s not fun. And think of about eliminating the slider while you’re at it. I can do it, but it’s not really much fun.


I took some screen shots to try and do a quick run through on this unfortunately they were for the same shape…

In the above picture you need to start at the arrow (1), trace once the circle starts moving along the path (2), and end up at the dot (3).

There has definitely been a learning curve to this, the half circles have been okay so far after a few times, the N shape I have not been able to do yet. I have seen a mid point circle on some of the shapes which leads me to think you also need to hit that mark on time as well.

Here is the second slide of this match up it’s just reversed from the first

On a side not based on taking screen shots I failed this round (both slides) but still managed to end up in the green on the containment.


Thanks for the explanation, @Sionsith. I knew what you have shared, but it’s worth confirming, and helping others.

You’ve screenshotted a Code 19 on a Rhamphorynchus, a rare creature. Yes, you can goof up the trace-the-shape and still end in the green. However, I lost my herd of Stegoceratoprs for 16 hours because of this new minigame (with a super-rare hybrid, you only get two or three screw-ups, and the animal escapes. Throw in this mini-game with two slider screw-ups, and they were gone). Moreover, messing up the trace-the-shape part screws up what is often otherwise a perfect run to let me get over 100 regular DNA. Not the end of the world, but frustrating that I can get almost everything else right.

It seems to be the case that the higher ferocity your creature, and the higher number of dinosaurs in the paddock, the bigger the red section of the top bar is. For my Stegoceratops, the red covers maybe the left 60-70%. I won’t even try it on my Indominus paddock. I have two many Indys in there even for it to be worthwhile.


I almost never do the code 19s. Im terrible at the slider game. Just got the tracer today with no idea what i was doing. Nailed the N but messed up the C. As such I lost my Tupuxara for 4 hours…not worth it. Owen earns his money in my world.

Also im not sure if its my tablet or what but the slide game is damn near impossible. I habecto tap it to stop so far ahead of the actual spot its rediculous. The the sweet spot is close to the end and you come off the rebound its damn near impossible.

For a little bit of DNA its not wirth the crisk of losing a quality dino for hours. Code 19 literally does nothing for me.


By the way, if this helps anybody else: one you click on the red “Code 19” square, you’ll jump to the dino that’s escaping and get the “Send Own” or “Start Code 19” option. If you X out that box (top right corner), you can see which dino it is. To get the box back, tap the paddock or tap the Code 19 box on the right.

I’m still with @DinoByeBye on the tracer, and, to a lesser degree, the slider. Not a fun addition to the game.


The slider game has a definite challenge increase based on the device and internet connection you are playing on. When I was doing code 19’s on my older iPhone 6 the slider was very tuff based on the lag in my device. Currently on my iPhone X it is user error when I mess up as the reaction of the device is instantaneous.


When the code19 box appears on the right hand side of the screen then explore your map, the dino which is trying to escape will have a red icon on top of the padlock similar to the purple one which you see when the dino is ready to fuse… Hope this helps… Also as you said @HanSoloWannaBe you could open the code19 box and then hit the cross to see which dino is escaping… And code19 is very risky for legendary and hybrids at high levels… I only play code19 at smaller levels…


The slider is bearable as long as it’s not on a legendary tournament/hybrid dino. It moves too fast is is too small to actually score.

I usually pass on those dinos too.

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To resurrect this thread: I am still lost on the “trace the letter” Code 19s. I’ve figured out you’re supposed to tap the arrow as soon as the yellow circle gets down to it, but I cannot for the life of me time the tracing along the N, or the C, or the -, whichever I get. It’s getting pretty darn annoying, and not to be cocky, but I could figure out the button and slider Code 19s and tried to help others with them.

Has anybody figured out the letter-tracing? I’ve followed @Sionsith’s helpful guide above, but I can’t figure out the timing with the darn yellow circles.

On another note, if the “punishment” for losing Code 19s is going to be so severe, the rewards should be different. I get 5 super DNA if I contain a common or a legendary hybrid, but the difficulty for each, and the penalty for each, is crazy different. Yes, the XP (which doesn’t matter for level 75s) and the DNA are different, but those rewards are insufficient to make me risk Code 19s any more on anything but non-hybrid rares or commons.

Any help from other dino trainers?


Honestly I agree the letter tracing is super, confusing, it completely deters me from doing the code reds considering I can’t get a good multiplier going and then the Dino escapes and usually the high DNA rewards are my better dinos so I lose that for a few hours which sucks. Especially during tournaments. If they removed this I wouldn’t be opposed but it does add a challenge.

On a side note: I think code red for Cenozoic or aquatic would be cool. No clue what could happen but I think It would be a cool addition and add randomization between the 3 instead of having 3-4 code reds pop up one after another all for Jurassic. Possibly have exclusive ones also for specifically herbavors, carnivores…etc.

I will attempt to get some screen shots tonight of some of the different ones even if it means failing a containment for it. I will do another write up on the trace slider as I think I can ahead further light on that part of the mini game.


Bad news tonight I had the exact same shapes as the original screen shots in my first post up above, and I apparently deleted those images off my phone so I will just need to reference them from this post.

Some added information on how this mini game within the code 19 event works.
A shape will appear:
This is your first clue on what you are dealing with, I have seen three shapes so far N,C, and -. The one up above is the C shape and will be in any orientation meaning it could be a C or rotated 90, 180, or 270 degrees. The next piece of information you look for as soon as you see the shape will be half way through the shape, there will either be a small “o” or there will be nothing, if it is there it would show up around where I have the 2 on my first picture up above. This “o” is important to your timing on the trace. Which I will cover latter. The next piece of information you need to look for is on the shape where the arrow is. Again in the first picture up above the arrow is at the top part of the C and I have it labeled with a 1. This is your starting point. So you know what shape you are dealing with, if there is a mid point check, and which direction you need to start from at this point.

Starting the trace:
The start is similar to the tapping pattern mini game meaning you have to start at a specific time. You can see this in the second picture up top where the arrow on that shape is starting to turn blue and is about ready to start. Start too soon and you will fail before you even have a chance to start tracing, the same goes for if you start to late. I have not figured out the window on this yet but I am guessing it is close to the pattern mini game. Once you start tracing a disc will start to roll along the shape in the direction of the arrow if you have done everything correct to this point. There will also be a slightly larger circle that will start tracking along the shape. You need to keep your disc (your finger/stylus) tracking within that empty circle along the shape, if you start to fade out side of the circle your disk will start to turn yellow or red depending on how far outside of the circle you are, you want to keep your disc green. The mid checkpoint “o” means when your guide circle gets there you better have a green disc, yellow might be okay, but if you are red you fail and don’t get to keep tracking. Let’s assume you have either made it past this point or the checkpoint wasn’t there like the screen shots up above, the only thing left to do is finish. For that you need to trace your way from the start to the end (point 3 in the first picture) as that last dot turns blue, similar to the pattern tapping game except for this you need to trace on to it not tap it.

So to recap:
Start at the arrow when it turns blue, keep your disc green the whole time, time the midpoint correctly if it is there, finish the trace on the dot at the end when it turns blue.

The variable I have not been able to determine before starting is how fast the trace is going to be some are slow , medium, or fast. The fast with the midpoint check are tough as you have to adjust almost immediately to the pace to get back to a green disc before you get there which on the N is a huge pain, doable but very tough.

I hope this helps folks and if you have further questions I can attempt to answer them.
@Freshprince, @HanSoloWannaBe, @OstaposaurusBae


Thank you, as usual, @Sionsith.

Ludia, if it takes that long a post to explain how to play the game, I submit it’s too complicated. Get rid of the trace-the-letters portion of Code19. Please.


My rule of thumb:
Absolutely attempt NO super hybrids under Code 19.
That’s the grandmother of ridiculosity right there.
The sliding bar moves so fast even Flash goes “What?”
NO VIP dinos either.
Hybrids, I mostly go for it and mostly get thru, with a few exceptions here and there, but increasingly fewer failures.


I still think the device you are playing on and your internet connection plays a large role into your code 19 success. Based on my set up when I am at home (on my WiFi) I will attempt every code 19 option I am presented with. Even when my Indoraptor paddock is code 19. I do wish you could chose from different rewards when it comes to the EXP, since at level 75 this has no value to me and that is one of the larger scale increases to the rewards on the more difficult containment’s. Maybe an option to take the EXP or one of the following, spin a prize wheel, straight additional DNA reward in proportion to the EXP, or a multiplier on the DNA already earned in the event. Really anything other than EXP as an option. @Ned is there a spot to submit ideas like this or is this basically the right way to do this?


Hey Sionsith, our team is always happy to hear suggestions and feedback from players and posting your ideas here on the forums would be the best way to share them with us. If you want to reach out to our team directly, feel free to do so by contacting them through email at

I hope that helps!


Was able to capture a screen shot today of the “o” I was referencing up above:

This was after I completed the round which was why it is all green.

Also able to capture the “N” shape as well:


Thanks @Sionsith. The second screenshot gives an illustration of what confuses me. There are two yellow circles; one on the arrow, and one on the end point. What is the point of the second circle? Do you have to trace the N from the arrow to that end point before the second circle finishes? I’m so confused by this dumb mini-game.

Ludia, please consider giving us the option to practice Code 19s. Maybe if I could mess with it more, I’d get it. Maybe a training facility with Barry or Owen would be helpful.


@HanSoloWannaBe To be honest I have never even looked at the second yellow circle (the one on the end point) but from the screen shot I would say yes. If you notice the first yellow circle is almost closed meaning it is about to start on the arrow. The other yellow circle is still mostly open and I believe it closes at the same time you need to land after tracing through the shape.

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It certainly helps, but I still despise the heck out of it!