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Code 19 unable to change and claim S dna

I am unable to change the S dna before attempting a code19.
I also do not get any S dna after a perfect containment.
I have already contacted support over a week ago but no response yet.
Any fix for this?

Does this button exist for you:

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Yeah but I cannot select another dna and it will not be added after the event same goes for my wife who also plays the game

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And are you running this version of the game:

Yes, with the fix for daily missions

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When you go into the screen are you “deselecting” the one you are currently on? You do have to do this before you can change the SDNA selection.

I have tried clicking them all but there is not even a selected screen. Nothing happens and no veloci S dna gets added

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I have completed well over 50 code 19 and I have 10 veloci s dna

Hey Reviews_by_Supersven, I’ve sent you a private message.

Do you get this screen:

Thank you @Ned

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Yeah I get that screen but then I cannot select anything

And you select the one that is currently active? For instance I selected the Anky:

Which deselected it
And then I had to select it again to get it active again:

Outside of this it will be a support item and it sounds like Ned is going to help if he can.


Nope no circles for me or the ability to select or deselect neither do I receive s dna after the event even with almost all of them being perfect

Is velociraptor “active” when you go to the screen or does nothing have the little white outline?

Nothing has the outline and this how much veloci I have after dining at least 50 code 19 events.
The two other s dna that in have is from the missions

If nothing has the outline I would think nothing is selected which is why you wouldn’t be getting any SDNA, hopefully support will have a solution for you.

Yeah Ned has nudged the team and I hope they will fix it soon!
Don’t have a veloci yet though but I am working on upgrading my T. rex!

is anyone else here not able too claim velociraptor dna after a code 19, I should have had 25 v dna but its not going into the account, i’m just able too collect normal dna, I hope the devs fix this bug

I hope they fix it as well, my wife has the same issue.
I was messaged by Ned and the team should now get working on it.

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If you haven’t already send a support ticket in as it is not a global issue.

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