Code 19


How to activate code 19?

What is cold 19

Code 19 can appear at random once you’ve reached level 12 @Robi, so make sure you’re ready to contain your dinosaur that’s trying to break out! There’s also some more information on our update notes here: [Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #25


It’s a bit of a bummer that it happens randomly. If you’re just wanting to log in to hatch a creature or evolve a creature, and it goes off, it’s a bummer because you lose the dino for a few hours for battle. The Code Red they had in Jurassic Park Builder was nicer in that you could decide when to do it. The Code 19 game itself is fairly fun. I certainly like the idea.


Thank you for your answer. it was only to know how he was activated, since I have not even had one since yesterday.


I didn’t have one yesterday until late at night, and then I had three inside an hour this morning. One started just as I finished the first prize wheel after a PvP victory, so the first thirty seconds or so of warning went by while I watched the video for a second spin. Fortunately, it’s usually not too hard to find the upset dino.


It’s unclear to me at least what to tap on. Do we tap on the dino or the boxes that appear?


How do u stop code 19 and how long do u have to wait until your dinosaurs come back


Chris1, you’re right that the Code 19 min-game is a bit unclear.

You’ll see a series of hexagons across the screen. Each hexagon will have a yellow hexagon around it that shrinks until it matches the hexagon and turns blue. You tap the hexagon right when the yellow outline hits the hexagon; the yellow outlines hit the hexagons in numerical order (each hexagon is numbered 1 through 5).

There’s also another additional mini-game round in some Code 19s where a slider moves across a horizontal bar, and you have to tap the screen when the slider is in the yellow zone.


still no code 19. I also did 4 pvp but nothing happened. just do not happen to me?


I got one code 19 this morning, you need to be dead on quick with your taps, the first round I only got 1 out of 3 taps based on my speed. Was perfect the following three rounds but was still not enough to move my slider into the green for the S-DNA prize.


I haven’t had one since the three I had within a single hour this morning. I’d estimate I’ve been on a total of about two hours off and on throughout the day. If a Code 19 happens, it happens. It’s not really something worth looking for; just enjoy it/deal with it if it happens. Kind of like romance, right?


I hate these things so much. The sliding bar is completely unintuitive, and nothing I tap when it turns blue works. So my dinos keep escaping and I have to waste time or cash getting them back, all because ludia had to put in another pointless minigame.


Thank you Hansolo! I had no idea and kept tapping the dino or boxes in the hopes it worked. Argh. I appreciate the detailed explaination so much. Is it possible we could loose our dino altogether if we fail to recapture it? It kept telling me i missed but so far has returned my dinos after all that.


It seems unlikely you’d lose your dinosaur altogether.

Code 19 could be fun. I’m getting used to it and have had one perfect containment. However, because it happens at random times, and you have to do it whenever it comes up or lose your dino, it’s annoying. One popped up right after a PvP victory, and I didn’t finish the two prize wheels and video in time to get to it, so lost a dino. Irritating that I had to choose between losing a dino and losing the prize wheels. A neat idea, Ludia, but still has some room for improvement in execution. Mainly, it needs to be voluntary (e.g., it’s there if you want to do it, but no penalty if you ignore or delay it) and clear on what to do.

Maybe you could have a setting where you turn Code 19 off, like you turn off music or sound effects, in the settings menu.


After getting the 1 instance earlier today I didn’t have any the rest of the day and then got 3 instances fairly close together tonight. Was finally able to get the last one in the green to get the full award.

I like the added twist to the game, just wish you could choose if you wanted exp as a reward or not, max lvl means no use for the exp rewards.


To this day since the update I haven’t had a single code 19. Been on and off the game at different times and still nothing. Anyone else experienced this?


Just a heads up last night I got 1 of my code 19’s right as I was finishing a pvp match and decided to chance not getting it and did the two prize wheel spins. As long as you click the awarded prizes quickly and out of the video timely you still have 30-45 seconds to find your Dino, which should be enough time. However it does increase some anxiety while watching the wheel spin. Plus if you did get anything real good on the wheel like VIP points or packs it would also increase your time based on some of the added animations or clicks with those items.


How am I supposed to get dinosaurs back if nothing pops up to search for the escaped dinosaurs, and my 3 best dinos aren’t available for battle? And once I let a code 19 go to see what happens, and Owen said,“I got it.”


what is cold 19 soposs to do


Hey MARK_HOLLIS, a Code 19 can be triggered when one of your dinos is in danger of breaking out of its cage. During a Code 19, you get a chance to collect XP, DNA, and S-DNA. I hope that cleared things up! There’s also some more information on our update notes here: [Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update #25