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Code 19


what is cold 19 supposed to do


I support this 100%!


It seems like at least 2 always happens at once. Maybe it could be added that, ya know how you can pet a dino? Maybe if you aggravate a dino enough, it can increase its chance of trying to escape, or triggering a code 19. That way if you really really really really want one to go off cuz your super bored like I am/was, you can help trigger it. I think that would be a nice idea. I sayed on the update page some ideas I had that could also be added that would be great! I support the idea that many people are saying to make it optional. Maybe it could be made so that you can choose the difficulty-in the minigames, small amount of rewards, and how long/much you lose from failing, so you could choose to make it really hard, not many rewards, and great loses, or a bit more than normal, really easy, not much at risk. If both idea I’ve mentioned in the reply are added it could be added traditionally that with it being easier than normal, you could have less and less influence on when it happens, that way you wouldnt be able to set it off again and again, losing pretty much nothing, and gaining alot super easily. Also maybe there could be side ways of resources and you could go around and feed dinos with that, not affecting xp or anything like that, but make it really easy to farm, and make it so when you get on, not like the days you just don’t get on, but when you do, you need to feed your dinos with some of the side food, and if you dont it could increase chance of code 19.


I have 2 sections of dinos at oposite ends of my park, ptherosaurs with hervavors, and amphibians with carnovours, organization based on cage size, so finding the dino is a tiny bit of a hasle and is kinda stressful for me. Im lvl 34, and I havent expanded in quite a bit. I have from area with the incubators and stuff to volcano, thats how its organized, hervavors with pterasaurs farther from incubators.


Excuse me but I keep getting messages from the server saying my replys have been taken down for review. This has happened twice and its starting to freak me out. Have I done something wrong?


Reading this has helped me even though not replying to me, I’ve realised I’ve been tapping to early and Im getting the hang of this. Taking this into mind Ive for once gotten my postosuchus contained first try, and gained 5 S-DNA. Thank you for helping me realize my mistakes!


I’ve noted this find in another thread, but if you just tap the red hexagon with the countdown when the Code 19 first appears, the game will jump to the dinosaur with the Code 19. Very helpful.


The forum flags lots of posts. Anything that has certain letters together that might be a cuss word or a bad word, I think, make it get temporarily hidden (e.g., I say hexagon, it blocks it for review because E + X are included in a controversial word). I don’t know if this guess is right. In any case, don’t sweat. Maybe 1/3 of my posts are temporarily hidden until a staff member can look at them. They’ll let you know plenty fast if you’ve done something wrong. :slight_smile:


Ok. Thanks.


Excuse me? I just battled in the Mosasaur thing and right as the win animation went, first battle in it for me btw, umm I accidentally went to a thing to select with thing to open, I went back in, and my win was gone. I should’ve gotten some S DNA and the spin! I want my stuff! I want my rewards! This is unfair! It lied to me! THe S DNA has been acting strange! I do stuff, like 7/10 things for the boss, and when I go back all it says to do is the DNA thing for VIPS! Now I have to o it all over! ITS STUPID! Please fix this! This game is lying! Fix this please!!! Its very agitating and unfair!


Hey NightOrcid, our team would be happy to assist you further with this. Could you reach out to our staff here at with your support key along with the date and time for when this happened so our team can take a closer look?


Hi, I really don’t like the code 19 at all. I never seem to tap right on the bar and it’s unclear to me exactly when to tap on it. Thanks to Hanssolo I get the hexagon one alright. I wish we could toggle off the code 19, it makes crazy !


Hey Chris1, during the moving bar of the Code 19, I try to tap it right before the needle gets really close to the shaded part of the bar and it usually lands right in it. It could take some practice but let me know if that helps!


didn’t got any code 19 till now on my park :frowning:


Hi! I’ve been trying your advice but I still have many more fails to wins. I’ve just started sending Owen. I know I miss out on the goodies but it’s not worth the stress of that had to me. I guess I’m thick lol. I sure appreciate your trying to help.