Code 19s are back

I just opened JWTG and got a code 19!

Has anyone else started getting these or just me?

As far as I can tell this isn’t a glitch.


Ok I seem to fail everytime at the tracers, I either go too fast or too slow with no indication of what speed I should be going at, any tips or tricks on these ones guys? The sliders and buttons are easy for me no problem at all

It’s starting to get pretty annoying because I cannot see what I’m doing wrong so therefore I cant improve on these ones


There is a green or red ring around your mark as you move. You have to stay green at the end (or if there is a midpoint dot, in the middle too). So stay in front and time it out. if your early, stop and wait at the end.

My biggest problem is I don’t press hard enough on my screen and it loses contact and I fail.

Code 19 is back like the good old days! I had 6.


Il try this, but I’m not sure it’s going red because I’m moving to fast or if I’m moving to slow thats the problem

If your moving too fast, you pass the mark and eventually go red. Same with slow. I always assume it’s fast and go with that timing. If I am to far in front, I stop and wait for it to catch up. If you have the ability, record your run and check what you actually did after.

Generally they are slow until your in the 8-10 sdna range.

I am sure there are code 19 videos on here. Find it and watch.

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Yes there are:


Thanks sionsith I shall give this a watch.

At 10 sdna the tracers become very easy and sliders become near impossible.

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I was able to do 5 in a row. I thought the limit was 3 per day? I want to keep spamming the Raptor paddock to check, but real life stuff to do.
Edit: nevermind, went back in to take a screenshot of my BDNA mission gone and got another code19.


For tracers, just watch the yellow circles coming down. Cross over them right after they land.

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I think they’re just making up for the ones we lost out on over the past week.

And do you mean tracers? I’ve seemed to have got the hang of it now.

I did end up buying my 3 tapejalocephalus back from recovery just to get the mission done though

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Yes, sorry, tracers. I edited it now.

They have increased the number to 5 to compensate us, the same happened a couple of months ago. Back then code 19 was broken for a much longer period of time. So after the compensation time everyone was pissed when they decreased the number back to 3. So don’t get used to it.

Woahhh, dude, you got to level 99?? I’ve been playing Jurassic world the game for about 4 years now and I’m only at level 46.


Watch for the yellow circle closing in around the endpoint. If there is a midpoint check, there will be a yellow circle there too. Make sure you don’t trace over the point before the yellow circle fully closes in.

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I’ll be honest, I was level 60+ when it glitched and made me level 95. I just left it since it didn’t really have much of a negative affect.

4 years? You should have been max level a long time ago. Buy Apato Fossil statues for experience, then sell them.


46? Are you a casual player? Only reason I ask is I’m level 99 and I started playing later than bandeezee


Cheers for the tips guys, shall look out for the yellow circle next time, probably am moving too fast!

@Sionsith your video was helpful, but no way of liking it for some reason, did you turn comments off specifically for that tutorial?

I could see the sliders were the only ones that really increase in difficulty and it’s all about timing, il get there with more practice

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When code 19 started, it was 5 or 6. Then they reduced it to 3.

You must be a casual player. Look for videos on how to increase coin production.

You really want to get to level 50 as fast as you can, because I think thats when trade harbor opensup(or is that level 35). Look for a trade harbor video.

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I don’t think I did, I will need to go and check.

I don’t see anything turned off on that video so not sure why you wouldn’t be able to post a comment or anything @Aether_12.

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