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Code 19s, my finger hurts!

What is the trick to the sliders on code 19s?

For the harder dinos, I feel I have to be super fast and end up smashing my poor finger on my screen over and over until it is sore.

If I try to be more gentle… too slow, I lose.

How does everyone do it?

I know the “younger” fingers (of players) likely don’t care (or hurt), but my old hands don’t like it. You younger players will understand when you get older. :wink:

I hate the sliders.


You don’t have to touch the spot on the sliders. Anywhere on the screen registers the mark. So I put my thumb in the bottom right and press when I want it to register. Less movement = higher accuracy.

Are you talking about the ones with the moving bar you have to stop in the highlighted region? Those are my least favorite too. I try to put the ones with that type early in the sequence into the asset repository and never face it, lol.

I’d say 2nd least favorite is what I call the “slider” one, where you have to move the circle along the path and match the AI controlled one. Specifically, the one with the circle in the middle that you have to time up right, too. I can usually get it now, but it is a huge hassle for me either going too fast or too slow. Sometimes those things are really zooming, too.

Probably 3rd least favorite is the numbered spots with a surprise 7th one. I’ve been tricked a couple times thinking I’m done after hitting the 6th one, where I didn’t see the 7th one pop up under part of my hand or whatever.


I don’t know that I would ever have been good at the sliders even when I was younger. I remember playing Unreal Tournament with co-workers and their amusement at my endless ability to blow myself up. If I was good at action games requiring good hand-eye coordination, this never would be the game I’d have picked to play in the first place!

I expect everyone finds what works best for them. I specifically do them on my iPad each day because I am even worse on the small screen of my phone where my finger gets in the way. The key to success is learn to time it based on the speed it’s moving at so as to anticipate when it’s going to land in the center of the target area, and there are certain patterns that if you do it regularly enough, you can learn. While most players tap in one place on the screen as @mrbill2084 describes, I found that just doesn’t seem to work well for me and I do usually tap on the actual target as that was how I originally taught myself to do it and so that still works best for me.

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I find the trick with the tracers is too move slow at first then speed up if you see red, I must admit though I hate these ones with a passion.

I did my first 10 sdna one the other day, imperfect score but was still happy that I done it without losing my dinos to cooldown :grin:

I hate sliders. I chose to start playing this game because I thought it didn’t require reaction time and reality slaps me in the face once again. My one piece of advice would be it seems that the best time to press (at least for my reaction time) is slightly before my eyes register the bar in the green zone. That’ll be different for you though, just keep trying until you find a nice spot to focus on.

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In the evening…I sometimes play this game from outer space. One might say…a galaxy far far away.
Needless to say, sliders are not my friend.

I still nail em but I do find sliders quite difficult sometimes. I really have to focus.

I agree with @ApexRogers 100 percent. Sliders. Tracer thing with the midpoint and that suprise 7th number. Lol

Not sure if this will help or not…

Watch it on your phone and use it as practice, not sure if this would help or not.


I just did a Rajastega code 19, which has the cousin of that surprise 7th, the surprise 6th. The first five have you go across left to right and then they sneak the 6rh right in the middle where you don’t see it.

I would hate to try code 19 on my iphone. I always do iPad and force them out so I do all 3 asap.

I have a Logitech keboard, so it supports my iPad Pro at 45 degrees. I think that helps too. I am also on a solid flat surface to eliminate more variables.

Unreal tournament. That’s funny. I might have to dig that game out and play it again. I bought hd stracraft and hd command and conquer Red alert and played those over the last few months. Fantasy football is occupying most of my free time now.

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At first I didn’t even get what I was supposed to do, so checked vids on youtube. I got decent early on maybe on the 3rd or 4th time around, but I haven’t been able to improve ever since.
Code 19s pop up for me early in the morning, I think it helps a lot, my mind is literally empty I don’t get frustrated and I’m too slow to overthink, my predatory instinct kick in. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I wasn’t on here last night when all of the posts came in.

I know I can tap anywhere on the screen.

It is just moving so fast, that the window to tap the screen is small, I try to be fast and end up tapping really hard.

I do the same… iPad Pro on a keyboard case. I have an alarm set up on my Amazon Echo to remind me to go play them everyday when they switch over, so it’s fairly rare that I forget and am on my phone when one comes up. I’m experienced enough that I can do them on my phone and at least get the sDNA reward… but unless there’s only one slider at the end, I rarely get a perfect score.

Try hovering your finger just above the screen, less than half a centimetre if you can. Slow down and hit earlier. I start moving my finger down before the slider hits the target. It’s all in the timing.

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