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Code error 5: Temporary Ban

Hello, i was playing today and i take a rest. Went i try to login this happen!!!
The error code 5: temporaly Ban.
What happen? Because i never did or will any bad things to my game.

Postdata: My game is in spanish. I found in english.

Hey Toothlesss01, if you tap on the “Contact us” option when you launch your game, our support team can take a closer look at your account and provide you with more information regarding this.

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Hello Ned. I already send a mail to ludia support bans but don’t have any word.
Only need to wait 4 hours to play again…
But thanks for the help.

I have the same issue. Ludia has determined that a second account of mine is considered a hacker and cheater account and has permanently banned it. I’m done with Ludia and their gimmicks and lies. I am now gonna contact Google with all the emails I have and go after Ludia. Its a long shot but have seen game makers lose play store access for things like this in the past

lies. Ludia does nothing to help