Coelhaast move not as advertised

Coelhaast’s fearless alert says it targets all opponents but in the tournament it is being absorbed by flock opponents. Target all opponents means that it bypasses absorb. Maybe change the move description or have it function as described.

If your opponent is a taco then u do the same dmg as one of the flock members hp, but if the tacos flock members was on low hp with no dodge it’s probably a glitch

Fearless alert bypasses dodge so dodge shouldn’t be an issue. Also coelhaast has 1250 attack, meaning it should always kill at least one flock and take a quarter out of the other when using fearless alert against tarbognath


Huh maybe it was another flock, well it doesn’t really matter, the real problem is

So @moderators?

Hi Iambobbylegend. If you could please email our team at with your support key included, it’ll make it easier for our team to check for any issues. Thanks!