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Coelhasst or Poukaidei?

I’m trying to decide if I want to bring up Coelhasst or raise poukaidei above level 20. pouk is what, elite- low? not sure Coelhaast will get that high, slower, lower health (offset by absorb) and lower attack… it’s a hard call to make. who has both, and which do you find the better choice?

If you care about tournaments, Coelhaast, otherwise Poukan is a pretty solid Dino for a team

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It depends if you do more raids than tournaments or you dont do that many raids

I try to do it all. with my team in the 23-25 range, I do the dailies for PVP try to do the raids up through unique, time permitting. and I participate in the tournaments. so yeah, I want my cake and eat it too. my pouk is at 20, and I have some work to get the common bird portion to the point I can evolve the legendary. the easy path is raise pouk, since I have the DNA, but for me haast is hard DNA to come by. I just don’t see it much

I think coelhaast is the one to go for because you will use it for something important

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