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Coin amount

After filling my park with JH statues, I realised it was much easier to gather coins from the harbour. Anyway I’ve just maxed it at 99,999,999. Now I feel like all My JH statues are pointless haha. Does anyone think the coin limit should be removed?.

No, as than the sky is the limit for what Chayna will want for dinos.

If you max coins, either do coins->dino custom trade
Build more JH to “bank” (and sell) after you spend your coins.


For what? What should I do with 999,999,999,999,999,999 coins?


It would be nice to have no max as long as they would guarantee that the amounts requested in TH wouldn’t go any higher than they are now, but I doubt that would be the case.


999,999,999,999,999,999 coins = 50 DB. Enjoy.


And you really thing they would Cap TH like that?

It already has trades for more that you can’t accept!!

I know, that’s why I said it would be nice, but I doubt it.

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Only making coins be able to reach 999,999,999 coins would be nice. Those hackers with 999,999,999 DB…

999,999,999 coins = Pachygalosaurus in custom trades?


I was referring to my previous post were I said it would be nice if it wasn’t capped, but the requested amounts from TH wouldn’t go any higher. Only if both of those things could happen, it would be nice. Like I said though, i highly doubt that would happen

Free Pachygalosaurus? Count me in :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I rather would have Yudon than a skeletal Triceratops/T-Rex hybrid. :yawning_face:

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That thing is a pretty decent meat shield

Yes,speaking of carnivore meat shields, I am almost at level 75,Ceratosaurus

Still an amazing trade imo. Better than the 50 MODS = 7 DB trades

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A fully maxed Indoraptor Paddock produces over 99,999,999 coins with 1048% boost.


Zalmodon and Metriaphodon still beat the coin production rate

Rate yeah, but unless you have an autoclicker…