Coin and Cash Limit


My husband and I find it very frustrating that we can’t collect any more coins or cash for the day. If we want to go out and spin why are we being penalized for wanting to play the game. We have Dino’s that we want to increase but don’t have the coins for it. There shouldn’t be a limit to those if you are going to go out and spin.

We are finding the treasure hunt to be fun. It’s an adventure to go out and find them. However again since we are already at our coin limit reach. There is no point as if we open s treasure chest we get nothing.

Ludia please consider taking away the limit on coins and cash from spinning or the special adventures you set up.


I would like a complete change in the coin thing. Getting coins from drops is really unrealistic. We should be able to trade unwanted DNA for coins with no limit, one coin per DNA. Maybe more coins from rares and epics.

This still gets people out, not only for darts but pushes the need to get dino DNA. It’s not like you could sit at home and get wealthy from the reachable hourly spawns.

This would also get people to want to get out and close to the dinos for more DNA than just doing them at a distance. With this, there should be no coin limit. 10,000 coins is averaging 100 DNA from 100 dinos in a day.

This would also get people to spend time retrieving DNA from dinos we normally pass by.

This would also stop people from grabbing coins as they are driving. You really would not even need drops at all. Instead they could change to requesting a supply drop and you see a plane on your screen appear over the horizon, fly over you and parachute you a load of darts.

They could still do the A.I. challenge and treasure hunts or other planned things to get people out of the house.

Of course for the people who don’t want to spend all that time getting and turning in DNA can spend real money for the bucks to use to buy the coins.

That’s my spin.