Coin Bonus for DNA Collection - Stats & Info anywhere?


So, I’ve gotten coin bonuses (+20 Coins) when I do well collecting DNA, but it only occurs when you hit a certain score, no matter what the level or type of dinosaur. When I was a Level 12, I got the coin bonus at a score of 260+ (First Screenshot), but now that I am a Level 13 player, that score has changed, because I didn’t get a coin bonus today (Second Screenshot).
Anyone have any idea where the bonus lies based on your player level??? Is it listed somewhere? Or did they remove the coin bonus in the update?


I’ve noticed the bonuses too, but I believe they took it away, either to support the new daily limit or accidentally. I feel that at the moment it’s a little fair, because there have been ways hackers can auto aim and get direct hits every time. That means that they could gain infinite coins, even if it was just 20 each time.


I understand what you are saying. It’s possibly a loop hole being exploited by cheaters. It probably won’t hurt my coin collection in the long run, but it was still nice to get a little reward when I did well! Oh, well. This is what happens when people cheat - we all get punished. :weary:


holy …! And I thought my personal best score of 178 was something… I tip my hat to you!


It is some percentage of the max DNA (15 darts) you could get from the dino. That’s what gets you the ‘Outstanding’ and the bonus.


What I’m saying is that it looks like they have taken out the bonus coins, because I’m still getting “Outstanding” but no coin bonus - unless they moved it up a ridiculous amount at player level 13.


Remember that you get additional points per dart as you level up. When I started the game I often didn’t get above 100. I’m currently a Level 13 and get 23 DNA points per on target hit on a Common Dinosaur, so if you are currently a lower level than me, you might actually be shooting better.
My husband is a Level 18, and whenever I shoot for him (ie- a Legendary is just down the street, but someone needs to watch the kids.) I consistently get above 200 DNA on commons, which I still don’t get for my own account.
So, it’s good to get the Outstanding on the top, but you might be doing just as awesome getting a 178 at your current player level! :blush:


Guys that was a glitch from a month ago they showed the bonus but it was just the image they never meant to give out the coins they will be for a new feature in the future. You guys need to search these forums first before jumping to conclusions.

It’s simply fixed now with this latest patch.


FYI - I received actual coins. It wasn’t a glitch. Maybe they were testing it for future rollout, but I’ve been getting these bonuses for a while - several months at least. I used to get them at 230 DNA when I was a lower player level.


It’s a visual bug and it was not meant to be there. It never gave you coins even if you had it show up.


Yes. I did. Sorry, but I saw my meter go up.