Coin chase anyone seen it. It's not a gift in lockdow so rare

Any one seen it.? Who hit the extreamly rare on it.

No nothing here

I dont see any 500 coin boxes either

Same here. My map is totally devoid of any “treasure” gifts. Why is it called a chase? Because we’re always chasing down Ludia for an explanation to why stuff is broke. Kind of like their announcement about the short range Dino’s and daily limits to avoid exploits. Still haven’t seen an answer to that one.


I’ve now seen one in the distance but they are certainly alot less of them about

i saw one. really far out.

Found one.

People on discord also sYing their in full lockdow so can’t go get it. I think Canada forgets a lot of the world are in lockdown

It’s out there, I’ve seen three before i spun one

I got one and got 7500 coins from it. None were near me though, so it took some walking to get it

I haven’t got a single one in sight

I’m beyond disappointed to have missed out on my 500 coins today.

same for me,such a disappointment.
Honnestly,i didn’t leave my house today,and i won’t for 500 coins

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I figured since they were so sparse that maaaaybe the reward would be worth it. So i went for a drive and drove 42 km before i found a chest. 42 km!!! Thats absolutely ridiculous. I did get 7500 coins and 5 speed from it. But still 42 km is completely unacceptable for a game you’re supposed to be able to walk and play.


@nerfousmaximus That’s just plain crazy isn’t it?
I’m so glad I didn’t bother because 42km would have cost me about £7 in fuel alone, not to mention the environmental aspect of driving that much just to get a treasure chest!

Riiite. Ya not impressed.

No treasure, gift, or coin chases spotted here after walking 3 miles.

Is Ludia turning this into a game I have to ask someone to drive me around so I can play? Missing the days of walking dogs and finding things!

I found one and got a bit over 1000 coins and 2 speed boosts. My girlfriend got a new emote and a rare incubator. download_20201212_205105 its a smilodon getting hit with a snowball

I got 500 coins.

Guess I’m on T. rex’s naughty list.

Just got 2k coins speed boosts and the emote