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Coin Chase

Ummm didn’t Ludia say that there would be coin chase boxes all this week or is it just me?imageimage image image image

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I think there is not any type of chest, in my map I have not seem them allready.
sorry for my spelling, I am not an english native speaker.

yes, it will probably only be on Sunday :roll_eyes:

They will hide behind the fact they didn’t say all week.

Or they will apologise that the issue affected only 0.5% of players…

@Ned do you know something?

Thanks for reporting this, DPG Members!

I’ve brought this up with the team so that it can be remedied as soon as possible.


Thank you👍🏻

Hi everyone, just confirming that the Coin Chase will be only on Sunday.


So once again poor communications not stating that fact making people think it will be all week. :pensive:


they really should’ve learned by now that unless they say otherwise people will think “Don’t forget to open Coin Chase boxes every hour and collect up to 25,000 coins!” will mean all week.