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Coin collection off

I have an Alangasaurus and a Labyrinthosaurus

Alangasaurus 2020697 coins/30min (+803% 9x L40, 2x L20)
Labyrinthosaurus 2589092 coins/30min (+864% 9x L40, 2x L10)

I have a timer to tell me to go in game and collect every 30 minutes.

However, both of these dinos keep getting about 1.7 million coins every 30 minutes. Almost the same for both. If I let them run longer than 30 minutes, they will eventually get to their coin maxes.

I also use the food plant to gauge how close I am to 30 minutes, if I collect 30,000 food, I was right on.

I’ve also noticed some of the other 30 minute dinos aren’t maxing out at 30 min. I use a revenue tower with them and others. I just notice a lack of coin on them.

I have noticed that my jungle beans coffee show IS still maxing out at 30 minutes.

So, something seems to be off on some of the dinos.


Uneffected: (in the coin trap or not)

I ALSO found that if I MOVE the dino at 30min, when it doesn’t have the coin showing full collection, it will pop up and collect the full amount of coins after being moved. (So, I guess I have a work around.)

Has anyone else noticed this?

I’ve restarted the game.
I’ve put the dinos in storage and pulled them back out.

Any other suggestions?

I have contemplated this when I was watching closely on when Paddocks “max” out their production with the coin symbol on top and realized some that said 30 were really 33 or 32 or something other than 30 minutes this goes for the other ones that also are 3 hour ones. I have speculated this is because they keep everything to whole 5 minute increments and really even beyond that it’s I think 5, 10, 15, 30, then 1 hour, 2 hour and so on. So there isn’t a 32 minute display for them. Not saying it’s right but this was my rationalization for why some would not refresh at the same time.

On my 30 min timer, I’d often log in at 29min and some of the 30min Dino’s were already maxed.

I wonder if the game has a coin rate update interval? And I was on the interval and now I’m off it?

I typically tried to have my 30min interval end on 28/58 minutes and I was off this today.

I’ll have to test this out more.

This morning for one 30min interval, everything was “normal” again.

Than not.

I thought maybe it was due to evolving up the L20s and L10, but I can scratch that off.

Part of my 30min collection rate was checking the trade harbor. 33min kind of mucks that up. But 1.7million coins vs 2.5million coins is a pretty big jump if it is really just 3 more minutes.

I’ll post more data later. Maybe I need a 30min timer and a 33min timer.

Edit: I also have suspicions their is a dino cap where maybe things get calculated differently? I put my triceratops (has 11 dinos) in storage and the last 30min window they all collected as expected.

Edit 2: It went back to no coin on the second 30min. Did the move dino work around, which I think only works after 30min, no effect before. Still need more data on this.

Edit 3: Sometimes the “work around” of moving the dino yields the coin icon, but I still get 1.7million instead of 2million or 2.5million. It odd that the two different dinos produce the same amount of coins.

I heard once that you need to click on the decorations around something if you have moved something recently to re-trigger the boost from those decorations but have never tested that theory out.

Could I know the best possible on an Alangasaurus Paddock without Clock Towers.

If you use the oasis instead (range of 3, plus 10%), I think you end up around +500%

The oasis should be 32 or plus 320% (2x rows 6 on ease side)

28 JH at 7% is plus 196% (8 on each side)

For a total of 516%

Alangasaurus is about .25m/30min, so 1.25m/30 min instead of the 2m I’m getting for 800%.

Ok, I don’t remember my coin problems when I had 9x L40… I think I might sell my L20 Labyrinthosaurus (I evolved the 2x L10) and go back to 9x L40 and see if that makes a difference?

But I think I had more than the 9x L40 Alangasaurus and didn’t have this problem.

Edit: never mind Dilophosaurus isn’t full and has had problems.I have like 4x L40 and 3x L30

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I just got my 4th Alangasaurus maxed,it will take a while to accumulate the DNA for any more,I just spent about 15,000 on Segno . By when should I max my Alangasaurus Paddock?

If you can’t do a coins to Dino trade every day, I’d max Alan first.

That is like a coins to DNA trade daily. More so if you do coins to Ceno and trade the possible tournament Dino back for 3K DNA.

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I have an Alangasaurus
I have a Labyrinthosaurus



(Sorry XD Just felt like putting that joke in here…)

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Max both the paddocks,you will get lots of coins