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Coin Compensation for 2.0 - suggestion

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of coin on dinos made somewhat obsolete by this new update. I’m sure most players have. Thinking about how we should be treated in a situation where they throw out the meta and we have to concentrate on spending on new dinos, a little “refund” seems fair. My simple suggestion - give players 10,000 coins per player level (10,000 - 200,000). That would probably reflect the last three to five evolves players have done at their respective levels. And would let us quickly adjust our teams. Seems like a fair adjustment for discarding some of our hard work!


i one hundred percent agree

You could make it so you can undeveloped creatures for their coin and dna as hybrid only get their dna back and not components,

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Nowhere specifically does it say that the moves of most of the existing creatures in the game, and of the new ones that will be added now says that these changes will be for pvp battles, in large part the changes supposedly were for cooperative mode, that’s why I know they had added families of creatures.
We will have to wait for the update, to know what it holds …
But I agree with what you propose.
He would even propose exchanging DNA from creatures that would not be necessary to level up for coins, or DNA from other creatures that are needed, and that his DNA is rare.

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I’d also like a way to reset levels on a dino. I’m a Dracocera user, and it’d be kinda nice to pull back a few levels and convert it to unique use. I’m not pained over this, but y’know, it’d be kinda nice… Maybe go back a level & reclaim half the coins & at least half the DNA?

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That’s your fault. If you knew an update was coming why didn’t you bank all your coins? A little logic goes a long way me thinks.


True. When Ludia announced the big Creatures changes / SB reset I stopped spending money. I have 1.3 million coins and I haven’t moved my team for about 1 month.

I don’t know if a refund of coins would be a good idea, but the refund of SB is already something …

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My opinion:-

We build our team not for the last one or two months ~ maybe it has been for the past year or so. That’s lots of coins, DNAs, and time (and money?) spent. And all our effort building and rebuilding our team with each and every update the past year could very soon become worthless.

We can no longer recognize our team anymore with the upcoming new update. Creatures that we considered to be safe investments i.e. Indo G1 most likely will be another L30 benchwarmer (he was a ‘star’ in the movie so we expect that he will not be touched).

Besides, I do not expect the full immunity to be taken away. It is hard to accept the fact that Tryo, Magna, and Maxima can now be bled to death, or distracted (all of which their components have full immunities ~ I thought that since immunity is a creature’s trait and not a kit, it was logical and safe to assume that the immunity of these creatures will not change). My bad, I was wrong.

But it is the Dev’s game; we are just players ~ so they will do whatever they want to do (as they seem fit) to their game. We do not have much choice other than to follow the tide, although we may not like it.

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I agree.
But it’s too late. They are not going to do this

My friend, I have plenty of coins and am not complaining that I personally have been mistreated. I have sat on almost all my evolves, just like you.
Make a suggestion for the devs to consider, get personally attacked. Useful!

Not a personal attack friend, good for you for banking your coin. Everyone has spent some money leveling up so we all have ‘sunk costs’ in some now less effective Dino’s. So what

I thought part of the game was for the PLAYERS to logically chose from the rules allotted to the creatures which would be more strategic as a team, and work hard and even spend money to make to improve their game. Thus being able to call it skill. NOPE. They want a child of 5 to be able to whip an experienced player through luck, and sucking the life out of serious players. I don’t see any amount of coins would help this jumbo nerfing and display of total nullification for every possible variation of a suitable team. Thanks for you money, now lets play kiddy games with animated pawns. Sorry you failed on this update 10,000 percent.