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Coin Cost of Leveling

I just want to show the exponential cost of leveling in some easily comparative ways. In this I’m just stating the leveling itself and not the cost of fusing. For those into this game or getting into it, free or VIP, consider how far you want to take things based on what your getting in coins from day to day or per week. If you want to go all the way, you will be spending some real money to buy green bucks to exchange for coins. It will cost around about $150 US dollars to get a dino to level 30, saying you have the DNA.

Overall Cost:
Leveling 1 common dino from 1 to 30 = 1,308,190 coins.
Leveling 1 rare dino from 6 to 30 =1,308,000 coins
Leveling 1 epic dino from 11 to 30 = 1,305,000 coins
Leveling 1 legendary dino from 16 to 30 = 1,275,000 coins
Leveling 1 unique dino from 21 to 30 = 1,170,000 coins
Now look at the above costs to just leveling something to level 20 or 21.
Leveling 1 common to level 20 = 138,000 coins.
Leveling 1 common to level 21 = 188,000 coins.

Half and Half
Level 1 to 15 = 23,190 coins
Level 16 to 30 = 1,285,000 coins

Thirds 1-10-20-30
Leveling 1 to 10 = 2190 coins
Leveling 11 to 20 = 136,000 coins
Leveling 21 to 30 = 1,170,000 coins

5 Level Intervals
Leveling 1 to 5 = 90
Leveling 6 to 10 = 2,100
Leveling 11 to 15 = 21,000
Leveling 16 to 20 = 115,000
Leveling 21 to 25 = 350,000
Leveling 26 to 30 = 820,000

The point… for regular players who don’t want to soak real money into this game, just work on a rounded team of level 18 to 21 dinos where you can have a large variety of different dinos to swap in and out. This way your not playing the same 8 dinos all the time.

There’s an app that tells ya all of that :sunglasses:

Does this take into account the coins to fuse Nodopat (for example) when evolving Stegodeus? If so were you using 20 as the average fusing amount? Or is this data purely the final evolution amount? Because it will cost much more if so.


There’s also this page from Metahub, complete with handy visual chart.:

This is handy. Although I’d like to know for example how much Ourano DNA I would need to create the Green Chicken from the beginning.
I figure you need 150 to create Ourano then 700 more Ourano to reach L15 and then you need (let’s say you get an average of 20 fuses) 200 to create the Legendary so 10 fuses costing 50 Ourano each is 500 Ourano DNA to create. Then you need another 700 Dilo to reach L20 so 35 fuses which is 1750 Ourano finally getting Diloran to 20. Which is 3100 before I start to fuse. Now you need 250 to create the Unique which is 13 fuses at 50 diloran each so 650 more Dilo required which will take another 33 fuses at 50 each so 1650 Ourano.
So all up from nothing to Unique (expecting 20 per fuse) it costs 4750 to create a Unique. Keep hunting. I guess I just answered my own question provided my Math was correct? Although I should probably do it again with an average of 10 per fuse with some of the fuses I’m getting recently!

Imo this is way more clean than that metahub website. Way mote easily accesible as well

Where can someone get this app?

I’ve saved a copy of the image chart to my phone for easy reference. So far it’s served my needs just fine.

Jwa field guide. Available on android and iOS

It does way more than that if u go download it lol

I highly recommend this app. It also includes the spawn locations of all the dinosaurs + tiers.

Examples while im here lol

Alright then, I’m sold. I’ll go check it out.

Many thanks, will surely download!

Thank you everyone. I didn’t know the guide existed.

Just got it. Great thanks for the info:)


That’s what i just posted lol

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