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Coin crates


Did I miss a memo that when you open one they all disappear? I had 3-4 on my map and I opened one and the rest all are gone now.


Hey Sean_Tes, once you open a Treasure Chest it will reset, and there will be a cooldown. After the cooldown, a new Treasure Chest will appear elsewhere. There is some more information on our thread here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Treasure Chase

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for the information.

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There are two kinds of treasure chest events. One where you get a lot of chests without too much cash in them but you can hit as many as you see (up to the limit), and the sucky kind that’s on now where you click one and they all disappear for six hours. Better hope you were standing on it, because if you’re at the larger distance you just wasted your shot at decent coin.


I hope everyone is enjoying the new Easter crates! No coins :dizzy_face:


I have hit a number of the easter crates and gotten stinkin Parasaurolophus EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. These are supposed to be special and the absolute best I’ve done is 100 strands of common DNA (I’ve had a couple of 30s and 40s at distance). This is a dino that is wandering around the neighborhood at the same time, where even at extreme distance I can get more points shooting darts than these supposedly special crates give me. Ludia, please re-educated whoever thought this was a good idea and please put the coins back in the crates, NOT the dinos that are already easily available all over the map!


Ur just having bad luck u can get up to legendary DNA in them (paramoloch) and everything in between that is featured this week.


Have got 100 edmintoguanadon twice. A ton of regular iguanodon and a few tenonto


But yes para and iguanadon will be the most common, because well, they’re common…


You can not ever have too much para dna. Period. So what if it’s less than you would get darting. You can’t get enough para dna.