Coin Daily Limits Reduced?


Firstly, I want to say that I hate these daily coin limitations (except special treasure hunt. I understand there), but what’s happening with supply drops? I used to get 5k per day, and now it feels like it’s less than 1k. It used to take me the entire day to hit the coin daily limit, now it feels like it happens within an hour!

That’s not right. Now that i’m above lvl 10, it’s taking much longer to get the coins I need. I get you want us to buy stuff with real money, but come on! At least give us a 5k limit per day!


the supply drops coin limit is shared with the treasure hunt, so if you open around 5 treasure hunts you will get your coin limit for supply drops.


The weird thing is my supply drop limit hits me before the treasure hunt. Example, I hit 5-8 supply drops and one treasure hunt, supply drop limit hit. Then, I hit 4-5 more treasure hunts and the treasure hunt limit hits. Just confused by all this.


The limits are sorta shared. Treasure Hunt lets you exceed the supply drop limit, and maxes at 25000.


yes that’s how it works. the supply limit hits at around 10,000 depending on your level no matter how you got your coins, by supply drops or treasures. So if you cannot open enough treasures to hit the limit you should first spin suppl limits and then open treasures.