Coin economy not working


Please change the coin economy. The game is great. I’ve purchased premium. I will probably buy other things in a given month as well. But I will not keep playing if I can’t power up my dinos. I spin 20-30 supply drops a day and still I have over 20 dinosaurs that I can’t evolve. It takes me several days to save up coin to power up. Catching them for the DNA should be enough. This isn’t a threat, just an opinion, but if you don’t fix it so that evolving dinos is easier, I don’t think I’ll be the only one to lose interest.


totally agree… its just getting too expensive to upgrade!


You are forced to prioritize and only level certain ones first. More strategic than just having everything.


Issue is though, you have to pick specific dinos and stick with them (that assuming you can even level up your “A” team). Thereis no flexibility to level up and try out others for experimentation. This makes things stale… quickly.


Consider yourselves lucky don’t know if it’s my area or a fluke/glitch but I have 26500 plus coins but no hard cash or darts 80 per cent of the time so physically can’t catch anything, don’t see why we can’t trade them for darts


Well, since Treasure Chests you are getting 25k Coins a day easily.

BUT … upgrades easily cost 100.000 Coins and more later on. So still not much.


Yeah, as you level up the costs just get completely impractical, even if you want to pay! Coins to combine DNA, coins to evolve, the daily cash limit is a joke even for VIP. If you want to save up to buy coins it takes almost 2 weeks at $40 a day to get a measley 25000 coins. Yeah, you can get up to 25000 coins a day, but not a lot of people have the time for that. So, without some heavy real world money outlay, you hit the ceiling hard.


You just need to click 10x Treasure Chests during your way to work/shopping/whatever.

It’s less than an hour driving (bus) to reach the limit (10x 2500 Chests).


Yeah… pedestrian here. So, would be a bit more than an hour to go find ten of them. Walked a mile and a half to the store today and got 3 of them.


I think a lot of people are stuck in with Dinos in the 14 to 19 level range because 15 to 16 is 10k, 16 to 17 is 15K, 17 to 18 is 20k and 18 to 19 is 30k. That is 75K just to get one dino from 15 to 19. You have 8 you want to get 15 to 19. That’s 600K coins.

So there are a lot of us stuck in this range and will be for weeks. If you want to spend $50, you can buy 15K game cash and convert that to 750K coins. But if you want to get dino’s into the 20’s, you can spend hundreds of real dollars.

Personally, I’m fine with just getting dino’s in the 14 to 18 range. This means I loose half the battles I play. As I loose and go down, I run down into easier teams and then go back up. I’m hanging in the 3400 to 3600 range and been there for quite a while.