Coin economy


Coins seem to be part of every single reward you can get in the game. You get them so fast and in such high volume that considering they’re only used for leveling, it’s practically impossible to go through them fast enough for them to really even matter.
Here’s some ideas to make coins more than something that just is kinda in the background:

  1. I think you should be able to trade them for hard cash. It would even be fine if the coins->hard cash rate is worse than the hard cash->coins rate, because the coin economy is so much more saturated than the hard cash economy.

  2. Maybe something like being able to redeem them for darts. Darts are pretty trivial so it would be nice to not have to spend hard cash to get them if there arent any supply drops in your area.

  3. Make it so you are able to pay more coins to help your chances of getting higher numbers when making hybrid dna. It could still be a chance based thing (cause I think that part is pretty fun) but it could be where if you spend say double the coins, the range of potential dna would go from 10-50 to 20-50, up to being able to spend 5x the coins for a guaranteed 50 dna.

  4. The ability to spend coins on more battle slots. Maybe start with 2 slots, get enough coins to buy a third slot during the tutorial, then from there have the option to buy more slots with coins for prices that scale per slot. For example, tutorial (3rd) slot would be 100 coins, 4th would be 1000, 5th 10,000, and so on, up to 10 or so slots.

  5. skins. Make different colours and patterns for different dinosaurs that people can spend coins on to add a bit of personalization to people’s teams and collections.

  6. research. Make research points purchasable with coins. You would be able to put research points into dinosaurs or hybrids you’ve discovered but haven’t created yet to get a sneak peak at their stats and abilities. Another way of implimenting this would be that certain dinosaurs stats or abilities are unlocked to view at a certain number of total research points, in which case they’d work more like levels.

  7. boosts. Make it so you can buy items that boost things like dinosaur spawn rate, and spawn chances of specific dinosaurs, or just higher tier dinosaurs in general.

  8. special darts. You could buy packs of darts in a dart-specific shop section that would do things like stun, slow, extract more dna, home, leech dna over time, spray (fire multiple lower-extracting darts at once), and fly faster.

  9. Drone upgrades. You could pay coins for upgrades for drones. The upgrade shop could be partially permanent things like life, range, and control accuracy and responsiveness, which would stay applied forever. It could also have special drone boosts that you could use up that could be things like rapid fire, low fly (get closer to the dinosaur), net launch (incapacitate the dinosaur), and my personal favorite drone idea, SILENT MODE! Silent mode would make it so the dinosaur doesn’t get scared off after one encounter and would let you re-launch the drone at the same dinosaur twice.

  10. add green supply drops you would have to spend coins to open. They would spawn less often than blue supply drops, and would have darts and hard cash instead of darts and coins.

What do you guys think of my ideas? Feel free to add any other ideas you might have.


Another idea would be to make it so you have to pay coins to open battle incubators, but also being able to have multiple going at once if you can afford it.

Also possibly being able to sink coins into the free incubators to upgrade them, much like dna and evolution.


It’s costs like 20k coins to level some dinosaurs. You should keep saving.


I’m just getting some of my dinos to level 15+, and it’s pretty easy to burn through what you have saved. When I started I definitely just leveled up who was able to, now I only level those who I’m using or am working towards a hybrid. I’ve had to specifically save a few times for my highest levels, and then after it’s spent I’m back at almost 0. I even started battling with no incubated slots free just to get the pitiful coin reward from a win (which wasn’t always there, so it makes it a bit more worth it). To say they don’t matter sounds like you haven’t been playing long enough.


Are u joking coins are the more rarer thing in the game pls delete this post


Am I crazy??? I can’t go through coins fast enough, the game send to just spit them at me :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess I’m just lucky haha


Wait 'till your dinos are all level 10+


This isn’t a bad thought but a few points are poor.

#1 there is a Max on cash and coin per day from supply drops. 10k for a 15 velociraptor will wipe your bank account clean.

#2 your #2. See what I did there. If you change the rate of DNA from coin applied you said for 5x you’d be guaranteed 50 DNA. Hate to break it to you but worst case pulling of 5 1x coins nets you 50DNA. So you’re asking if we pay more gold we get less DNA. This is a bad busiu model.

Great ideas. Just make sure you refine them


The ideas are great but the premise is so wrong. Coins are the struggle in this game.

I can earn 7k with VIP and spinning 120+ supply drops per day. It’s less than half my need for leveling up my raptor. And I need this 8 times to level up my whole team.Even with incubators and fighting a lot I can’t level up one per day.
I would be happy to trade DNA or darts for coins