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Coin Farming

Coins can be found everywhere but they don’t seem to add up fast enough. Right?
I created a way to help farm more coins and it has been working wonders for my alliance!
The trick is designed to use the dino “request” and repeatedly asking for the same common dino DNA that is so prevalent that everyone has excess amounts of DNA and doesn’t need it.

Common DNA nets the most coins at 80 coins per donation. Multiply that by 5 and then again by however many people participate which can be up to 50 alliance members. Note that each person can only donate 5 times per dino and then each dino can only receive up to 2000 DNA before it is maxed so that is 25 donations, but each person can request I believe 3 times a day for dino DNA. Let’s run a reasonable equation.

20 people in the alliance participate in coin farming and use at least 2 of their daily requests towards helping alliance members farm coins.

20x2=40 chances to earn coins

You can donate up to 5x at 80 coins per donation.

5x80=400 coins per every max donation per dino

You donate to all 20 people. Every time.

400x40=16,000 extra coins per day.

That 16,000 extra adds up fast to your spinning supply drops and opening incubators mostly every 3 hours at 625 coins. The best incubators at 24 hrs until open is 15,000 coins.

If you repeat this every day for 1 week you have quite a lot of extra coins

16,000x7=112,000 extra coins per week. This is less than half your alliance participating at least twice a day!

Get your coin farming on!!


Or depending on how generous your alliance is in that same week with those 3 requests per day you could get 42,000 helpful common dna or 10,500 helpful rare dna also only 5 people can make full donations before the request is filled

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I agree that it can be helpful if your alliance is willing to provide DNA for a dino you need on top of this coin farming trick. Yes, only 5 people can donate per every request. Since this is only for coin farming it all is based on who needs DNA more and who needs coins more. From my experience most alliance requests are rare DNA that help make uniques and getting others to donate can be difficult so we use sanctuaries. Not as much DNA but guaranteed especially if the sanctuary is themed.