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Coin generator

Hello hunter

I was looking for coin links today and came across a coin and cash generator. Really gamers take advantage of this? Is Ludia doing something about it? I think this is wrong, real gamers spend a lot of time collecting coins or pay real money for cash :((((


What do you mean by coin & cash generator? I have never heard of such a thing for jwa.

You enter how many coins or cash you want and it generates you a link that you run and adds money to the game. I will not provide a link because I do not want to promote the scam

Yea. Thats not how is works (at least in JWA). Ludia controls the cash links and coin links

There probably are cash generators out there if you look for them. It would be naive to think there isn’t.

They don’t work. I think it’s a scam.

100% scam don’t do it