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Coin idea

Say you have a dino that you don’t need or use anymore and want your coins back.

With my idea it’ll be simple, example: say you have a dino at level 16 and want to downgrade it’s level to 15.

It costs 10’000 coins to level up a dinosaur from level 15 to level 16.

With my idea you will get your 10,000 coins back for downgrading your dinosaur from level 16 to level 15.

I hope you think this is good Ludia/and the community.


Awesome idea

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Yes, I agree


Ludia may not do this so maybe half the coins so 5000 refund

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And then they buff the creatures the most players have been downgrading :wink::exploding_head:


I think a better idea if people do not abuse it, would be a season of coins, weekly incubators of coins, for most who do not spend real money in the game, getting mined is one of the most difficult things to farm, return the coins in their entirety would make people abuse that in amounts


Yeah I see

What about the DNA?

The dna will get reduced by how much dna it took to level up the dinosaur.

Yeah tbh I agree

That’s not working…
Then everybody is now going to downgrade nemys… Because they need the turtle dna for the deer…

Next time it’s the other way around…
You’ll just need to make decisions about what you want to upgrade… Else everybody does have lvl 30 creatures in no time…