Coin incubators/coin buff?

I have been playing a lot more recently and have gotten enough DNA to level quite a lot up. Yet it’s such a hassle to get enough coins to level something up that needs 40,000 coins when I can only get around 45 max for each supply drop.
I think it would be cool to have coin incubators and such without having to pay 30$ dollars to barely have enough to pay for one level up.
If I were to get the coins from supplydrops I would have to open roughly 1,100 supplydrops to level up one dino


Wait until it costs 150,000 coins to level a dino… Epic incubators and alliance weeklies help a ton though

if you can walk outside. Try to get the supply drop within the darker blue circle. It will get you more coins compare to if it is further away.

That’s they thing where I live is under quarantine and I am not allowed to step out too late or just to play either so it’s very restricted