Coin issue kills this game


That’s another reason why coin issue kills this game. At least for me. My team is stucked, because you have only 8 powered up dinos. I would try some other combinations, find new good dinos and strategy, but I don’t have coins to evolve them and try out. All that’s left to do here is fight with what you have (and fight only when you need an incubator, because arena might give you only 18 or 90 coins, that’s also doesn’t worth it) and catch only few dino types that you need.

Instead of catching everything you meet and selling DNA, instead of real constant coin rewards and getting money from arena and trying new different dinos, Ludia tries to get as much real money from players and this is getting really boring. I played 3 weeks and I’m losing any interest for this game.


Yep, been adressing this issue for the last week, also my 3d week and next week will probably be my last. I’ll come back when they made some major adjustments…